Tires with retractable studs

Tires with retractable studs

A few years ago we received a press release Q-Tire, with illustrations of a tire allowed to have, like cats, their hidden claws. Steel nails only emerged if an auxiliary air chamber within the tire casing made them go out. At that time we would have the winter tire par excellence. No longer exists or website q-pull ... it is clear that managed to make the leap and sell the idea to a brand of tires that desarrollase.

Nokian, the elite winter tires

The brand in question appears to have been Nokian, the renowned manufacturer of winter tires. Nokian has dared to put his name to the idea and launch a video on Youtube. Nokian is not just any brand can be attributed paternity winter tires and cars are legion riding wheels of this brand in the Nordic countries. Price? When? These are the questions we have to do as we see a representative of the brand.

Emerging nails: possible

Technically feasible possible to manufacture the tire with retractable spikes, so revealing the video. If it works we will see very soon. As soon as next year, because I doubt that brands participating in a rally in Monte Carlo not sigh for tires like these, capable of running dry in water and when it rises to the top of the lengths and snow appear and the tire becomes ice. It's just the asphalt conditions has made many sections of the mythical Montecarlo.

For some consumers safe Nails has advantages. Not for everyone, but for those who are with harsh winter conditions. not hard enough to have to roll with studded tires (in France, its circulation regulations governing when and where they can be used in Spain makes no sense), but in those winter tire sometimes it falls short.

Ice grab more if it is very, very cold

And the nails are useful not just when it is very cold, but slightly below zero in the ice sliding more. That water is very peculiar and, in the same way that it cools and shrinks not frozen like other materials, but expands and so fleet, when it's really cold, less than 20 below zero, ice grips much, much more than zero degrees. I think the Olympic Games in Sotchi and slippery "high temperatures" They have been explicit for everyone to check this out.