The ‘app’ that turns your phone into a Head-Up Display

The 'app' that turns your phone into a Head-Up Display

Those who want to enjoy this technology and not have it in your car are in luck, because the application Hudway You can enjoy some of their advantages. Suffice it to install the 'app' in a mobile device 'For now only available for Manzana but in February from 2014 will the version Android- and place it in the dashboard in the correct position to reflect on the windshield information GPS screen shown in mobile -speed upcoming turns, location, distance to destination...-. It is the best thing is free -in its version anuncios-, although you can to buy the 'app' Whithout ads for less than a dollar-some 60 cents-.

Our opinion

This 'app' is a fantastic idea, but poses several problems. The first is the need for some support to keep fixed mobile on the dashboard. Maybe a sticker slip silicone does not end up being the solution because it does not take too long to lose their properties and permanence imperiled smartphone into place. Visibility during the day is not exceptional, but at night and low light areas of the image is quite sharp and noticeable. It is not available even in Spanish, although the English version should not be too difficult to understand for those unfamiliar with the language. If you have solved the first two issues do not worry and you can enjoy your trip with Hudway.