Revolution! Mazda SKYACTIV-X: the gasoline that works like a Diesel

Revolution! Mazda SKYACTIV-X: the gasoline that works like a Diesel

Mazda had drawn a roadmap for its SKYACTIV engines, but it seemed to go slowly. However, the thread of the share exchange agreement and also joint factories with Japanese Toyota, Mazda He has given details of its new engine SKYACTIV-X, the gasoline engine that can operate as a diesel and launched in 2019.

SKYACTIV-X: 30 percent more efficient

Since the late twentieth century we speak of a type of combustion "low temperature", "HCCI" or, more simply a gasoline engine that does not need spark to ignite. That is to say, sufficient compression, and diesel, so that the fuel ignites. without the "violent" explosion resulting from the spark transformed into a smoother combustion, less energy is lost and the fuel is better utilized. This does not mean that does not lead plug (at no time specified), but only used at certain times. Its combustion method call it "Controlled compression ignition spark" and in theory it will have solved the two main problems with this operating principle: only work in very specific moments and step operating as a functioning as gasoline Diesel was very noticeable. According to Mazda, performance Skyactiv-X and its fuel efficiency equal the current Skyactiv-D, the diesel engine. Consequently, its new owner combustion system Get improve efficiency between 20 and 30 percent compared to current SKYACTIV-G petrol. Compared with conventional engines, Mazda SKYACTIV before, which had been using until 2008, improved performance would be between 35 and 45 percent.

Low Power Turbo

This would be very nice if we had known not before complete families direct injection engines gasoline getting some high yields, but only to a regime and pressing the accelerator in (and limited) very specific angles. Consequently, you can have a good performance and, in practice, result in low consumption. Why Mazda has been quick to declare maintaining high efficiency over a wide engine speed and load levels. They say they will use it for greater latitude in selecting developments change, which does not make clear whether lengthen or, instead, be shortened to provide greater vivacity. The presence of a turbocharger should not be expected only benefit: gain SKYACTIV-X against the SKYACTIV-G gasoline is between 10 and 30 par. So its influence may be more noticeable in areas such as pollution. He has not talked about the engine capacity and the possibility of a "downsizing", for the moment.

Objective: half of CO2 in 2030

Everything is enshrined in the 2030 Zoom-zoom lens, with which Mazda seeks to lower CO2 emissions "Well to Wheel" half of their cars had in 2010. Of course, there is included the manufacture of electric cars from 2019. Given the electric cars can not really answer the consideration of clean, even in terms of CO2 -battery manufacturing, recycling, production of electricity, etc, Mazda notes that only have power in areas with high employment generating clean electricity or there where restricted contamination. Of course without masks: sell electric cars wherever the set of social power-companies involved, especially-really do their effort to clean energy and thus the high cost of electric cars when subsidies is no impediment.

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