CES Las Vegas 2016 technology future cars

CES Las Vegas 2016 technology future cars

In the hall technology and of innovation CES Las Vegas 2016 will appear 115 companies in the sector, between them 9 of the main Car manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota and Volkswagen), all of which occupy 25 percent more exhibition space.

In addition, for the CES 2016 Las Vegas this event have reserved some of the new from technology more important to be incorporated into the cars in the next years. It is at CES in Las Vegas where they will see the light and the latest technologies will be presented in public in connected cars, intelligent, electrical and for them autonomous and developments in systems parking, anticolisión, from emergency braking, moons and windows which become screens, gestural control systems, etc. On the other hand, a year's keynote address will be reserved for a company in the sector, in this case Volkswagen and his CEO Herbert Diess.

Some of the firms participating in the CES 2016 Las Vegas have already advanced some clues on developments take this fair technology and innovation car. So BMW has confirmed that in Las Vegas will be the i8 Spyder and the presentation of his new BMW gestural control system AirTouch, while Audi, which now totals six consecutive appearances, has announced a press conference to present their infotainment systems Audi Connect and a new Concept Car. Meanwhile Volkswagen advocates a new electric car (Also Opel) and new digital control box for the Volkswagen Golf. Delphi meanwhile returns to the fray with the evolution of its automated car while Continental He has already revealed that CES will be able to see your new moons development of smart glass for the car. On the other hand, technological Blackberry also bet on this CES by car. Further, Rinspeed It has also confirmed the presence of Etos, car hybrid engine incorporating a system autonomous driving. Finally, the CES 2016 Las Vegas It is the place where you can learn more about the alliance of Google and Ford to develop autonomous cars and the response from other manufacturers, such as Toyota.

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