To subscribe or buy a car? Volvo started the revolution with the XC40

Volvo XC40 comes with subscription instead of buyingVolvo XC40 comes with subscription instead of buyingVolvo XC40 comes with subscription instead of buyingVolvo XC40 comes with subscription instead of buying

Until insurance is included in "Care by Volvo"The pilot program subscription Volvo model, which will debut with the new XC40 SUV. No matter if you have less than 25 years, no matter what town living, the price will be the same here in Poland or in any of the eight countries where Volvo will start this initiative: 699 euros per month for two years, you are entitled to use a XC40. No, it is not a shared car; "you" car until it back after two years. The car will cost As You gasoline and 8,400 euros a year, forgetting taxes, maintenance, and entitled to a Volvo in another format body (the details are still to be determined). Cheap? First of all, "Care by Volvo" friction will remove the fact of having a car.Volvo XC40

"Care by Volvo", a "purchase" fluid

Even for those who buy a car represents an exciting fact, it is often the beginning of a race filled with obstacles. The dealership is away. The seller may seem arrogant or you do not understand. You want to choose another variant or a different color than you have thought. But above all, you can verify that there are two equal prices and often ends with the question of whether he would have paid less for the same car at another dealership. With "Care by Volvo" price not negotiable, everything can be done, pick and choose online. The dealer will only make car test (If desired, or you ears tickled by the good choice) and alert you when to go to pick it up. No, the dealer does not die, because you will receive some commission on the sale, but the sale makes Volvo. Actually, behind it is Arval, a powerful company in the world of renting, but the buyer who agrees is with Volvo. Operations Maintenance is also responsible dealer, sending someone with a replacement car to pick up your XC40 and performed the operation, restores the XC40. Of course, all included in the subscription, insurance, tires, oils or brakes.

Volvo digital services

Volvo, in turn, offers a panoply of premium services beyond traditional renting. Especially all digital services that will offer Volvo, including Volvo On Call (24/24 support service). We are exemplified you are entitled annually four hours of "baby sister" or four-hour chauffeur service, the drug collection free ... Presumably, certain services depend on geographical areas. For example, US Volvo has acquired an expert in concierge services in each country although the formula of how to translate into practice digital may be different.

The key digital will be standard with "Care by Volvo". This means that from the mobile phone itself access to certain features of the car will, including opening doors, the tailgate (which will give opportunity in the future to a delivery service parcel in the vehicle, with which DHL and experience and the best, give the car to a third party so you can use it temporarily transmistiéndole your mobile phone digital key.

Volvo XC40 New"Care by Volvo" It has some limitations, such as 15,000 kilometers per year, beyond the subscription price will rise. Not available all options or options packages XC40: Volvo vehicles will not want to stay too "custom"So that the residual value of an XC40 with less than 30,000 kilometers and less than two years remains high. Hence a price equivalent to a conventional lease subscription, only that this is aimed at all types of individuals. At the end of the two years the vehicle is returned and, in principle, Arval is responsible for giving out as a used car. The idea is that Volvo experience "Care by Volvo" is satisfactory and again, users subscribe to Volvo two years.

Is a old idea, we hear for the first time BMW ex-leaders when they landed at Ford: Dreamed payment of a subscription to the mark (the intention is always "forever"), With which you gave the right to move vehicles that mark where you were. The final idea was to park at the airport on a trip and, upon landing, take the wheel of a car equal to that you have left, to recover around. Or use a small utility midweek and take great for family outings one day of rest. "Care by Volvo" It does not reach that far, but progress seems to get it.