Samsung Auto Connect: car, one thing the Internet

Samsung Auto Connect: car, one thing the Internet

Samsung has developed a small device to connect to the OBD diagnostic socket of your car, it calls Samsung Auto Connect. With it you access to a multitude of data that the device captures the electronic network of your car. I just presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016 and would not be very different from an infinite number of solutions for years are on the Internet. Typically, these devices are able to read and send via WiFi or Bluetooth continuously data such as throttle position, the speed, engine speed, temperatures, etc. That is, data specific to the operation of the car. A program installed on your phone, tablet or computer can collect and properly treated, offer all kinds of usage statistics, for example.

What it offers Samsung goes beyond the dozens of devices OBD can find a handful of euros on the Internet; talk about "an ecosystem of services and products for a greener, more driving fun", It ie a platform. Among others, something that likely will cofbrando importance as is that This OBD connector Samsung offers free wifi to all car occupants. That is, you will have a telephone connection to the outside. The official information speaks of the Samsung Auto Connect will be available in the second half of 2016 with US operator AT&T. Orange, through its business division, also works with Samsung.

In the WiFi Samsung is the game

Here's the difference of Samsung Auto Connect all OBD systems readers who knew so far, provide connection to the outside. You'll love it or especially to other occupants of the car. And here comes that way you do not count, but remains open. When you buy a product developed for a third party manufacturer (eg BMW M Performance Analyzer Drive or Garmin ecoRoute to spend less fuel) sure you know what makes and you use it to get more involved in driving, as there are others that detect and interpret fault codes car (which will also Samsung Auto Connect). However, what will Samsung with the data? How will leverage the data collected through this channel output? Are fears of lack of privacy that Samsung wants to dispel, talking about services -style warning of eCall- accident, my car location in a parking lot.

Samsung discussed in this release of the system Samsung Revolutionize Auto Connect, for example, car insurance based on usage. To do already work with the insurance company Axa, and Tantalum (supplier of analytical studies or data tracking systems stolen cars, as Tracker).

Samsung wants to ensure the inviolability of transmissions Samsung Auto Connect, endowing it with your system Samsung Knox (Alluding to Fort Knox, the American reservation?), A platform for military-grade security. According to Samsung protects even the hardware (ie physical attack on the device itself) by using software. His idea is to provide a connection and seamless integration with other Samsung devices in the vehicle and Samsung services through providers. All it developed with its own Tizen operating system.

No one can interfere is vital to trust the use of internet in the car as if from your own phone. Y Samsung offers this communications security outside the car manufacturer. A front that has launched without neglecting holding many collaborations with car manufacturers, as in the case of Seat, for instance. Not only that, Samsung itself also manufactures cars as part of the Renault group, they are even sold under denomination, as the Renault Koleos.

Samsung, in the car

The landing of giants like Samsung consumer electronics in the car is unstoppable. Willy-nilly car manufacturers, IT manufacturers do not see the cars but as a piece of his internet of things. No more, but a very important, you can not just tell you where we're going or when, but reveal our habits. It is easy "guess" following the trail of a car where your home and your work, your work, schedules and where do when shopping, entertainment if you go with the car, what places and at what times. An ideal source of information very complete offer in exchange all kinds of services and products that might interest you. Therein lies the interest of Google for the car, like so many other giants outside the traditional car manufacturing sector. Why they not intend to build the car, which could order to traditional companies, but design it internally for their information needs. In the era of gigabits, perfilarte ends of the car as a consumer in that hour and a half daily average motorist passes a moving.

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