Honda develops new safer and more efficient bike rack

In-Car Bicycle Rack, the new Honda bike rackIn-Car Bicycle Rack, the new Honda bike rackIn-Car Bicycle Rack, the new Honda bike rackIn-Car Bicycle Rack, the new Honda bike rack

The Bicycle fever who is living in recent years has given rise in the automotive sector a whole revolution in the forms and transport options. Thus, they have developed the most diverse systems, especially by the auxiliary industry. But the manufacturers have introduced new transport solutions, is today perhaps the Opel FlexFix one of the best known and most successful market.

Before this development, it is now Honda who comes into the user's skin bicycle looking for a solution for transport. Its aim has been to provide the source maximum comfort possible and also offer a plus as far as security is concerned. This has been and it presents an innovative system with which additionally to take them into the car, efficiency is improved compared to traditional systems where the bikes are in brackets outside, either on the roof or on the back. That makes obviously that consumption will increase.

In this Honda new system, all fixture time is developed for Civic Tourer family. Under the name In-Car Bicycle Rack, It includes a aluminum rail on the bottom of the trunk with two anchors in a "T" on the front fork set (the system is developed to carry two bikes) and provided with a support on which the previously removed front wheel is fixed.

Honda bike rackThe rear wheel of the bicycle, in this new interior system Honda's patented rack, remains resting on folded backrest rear and fastened by a clamping seat. According to Honda, this is a simple mechanism which can be adapted to any model and version Civic Tourer, allowing two cycles with two people on board... or only one even maintaining an operating rear seat. Not bad the invention.

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