A scientist invents a car that runs on water (video)

A scientist invents a car that runs on water (video)

In a five-minute shower about 100 liters of water is consumed. With just over half of what you spend in a shower, you can top-up the tank of this prototype and travel up to 900 kilometers at an average speed of 90 km / h, generating only water vapor emissions. Thus, contamination levels of this vehicle are zero.

It is a creation of an Iranian scientist named Alaedin Qasemi. He explains, water tank (Composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, H2O) It is subjected to a chemical reaction in which hydrogen and oxygen are separated. Being the first highly flammable gas, serving as fuel to power the engine. And all exiting the exhaust is water vapor.

Believe it or not, thanks to this procedure Water is a more fuel efficient than gasoline: One liter of water may generate 96 megajoules; gasoline, only 29. In addition, unlike other vehicles that run on water that already exist, Qasemi said that his prototype does not need electricity.

You can see this prototype video by clicking here.

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