Volkswagen and connectivity innovations

Volkswagen and its future connectivityVolkswagen and its future connectivityVolkswagen and its future connectivityVolkswagen and its future connectivity

Either to improve comfort, safety or entertainment, connectivity is now a priority factor in the car, something that gradually taking shape in applications of various kinds. Let's start we have attracted most attention.

Volkswagen Sound Journey"Sound Journey"

He MirrorLink system introduced in the last restyling of the Volkswagen Polo replicates the screen of our phone in the central display Car, for "mirror", also enabling communication between the phone and various electronic systems on board. This left open a world of possibilities for application developers, as demonstrated by the program "Sound Journey". This is turn the car into a kind of musical instrument, and which is based on a predefined music (there are several to choose from) and from there creates a soundtrack that evolves through effects and generated patterns depending on driving style. It takes into account factors such as speed, engine revs, accelerations and decelerations (For security, the generated effect is identical regardless of the intensity of accelerations), the angle of the steering wheel, using intermittent, the proximity sensor of the touch screen ... Quite a technical display that's also the most entertaining. The "app" will be available for download within a few days and, as usual in smartphone applications, no shortage regular updates. Musical compositions can be recorded on your phone or share with other users through Soundcloud, although only 30 seconds pieces.

Volkswagen Think Blue Trainer"Think Blue. Trainer"

Much more addictive (and practical facing the fuel) is this game that rewards us for driving efficiently. It is based on a system that incorporates the car itself, which reports on the average consumption, the percentage of time that circulate without accelerating or brake ("coasting") And our degree of efficiency at the wheel. The application, what It can run in the background, us proposes "challenges" Driving to go collecting points and virtual medals if we are able to carry them out. For example, 20 times in a row obey the gear shift indicator, or able to maintain the efficiency ratio by 85% for 30 km. The complexity of the tests is increasing gradually, since there are five levels of difficulty are available to be unlocked as you progress in our achievements. This "app" Free is now available for Android operating systems, although short-term intention Volkswagen is compatible the maximum number of devices, so from now on MirrorLink, Car Play (Apple) and Android Auto (Google) the will encompass under the name "App Connect".

Volkswagen Media Control"Media Control"

It has to do with the integration type tablet devices or smartphones and car infotainment system through the WiFi network. It does so, via app, what Passenger rear seat can access the functions of the radio, create playlists with music stored on CD, DVD, USB or their own devices, use the Navigator -including views Google Earth and Street View-, as well as online search engines. Searches for specific locations on a phone can be sent to the browser and set as a destination. Another function is to play music or different movies simultaneously, making the tablets act as mere screens. No need for cables, except to recharge the batteries (the exposed prototype had two Additional USB ports by taking back burner). On the other hand, no matter where the files are stored multimedia whenever they are within the WiFi network, since they appear all in one list which is accessed from the screen on the center console or tablets when they are not locked screen mode.

Volkswagen navigation systemNavigation system

Beyond the real-time traffic, seats in car parks and petrol prices, which they are functions available for some time with data provided by the company INRIX Volkswagen is developing predictive navigation. Is that, without entering a destination the Navigator, it already He knows where we went based on our usual routes. If you detect traffic problems on the way home or work, it suggests an alternative route. Also it takes into account intermediate destinations, such as school children, the gym ... always based on our usage patterns. The system can communicate with other elements of the car, which could serve, for example, to advance to adapt the thermal management of the engine, or optimize the use of batteries in case of electric vehicles. And it will not be there, because the possibilities are almost limitless and will emerge more and more applications, some already available in the US and China-related vehicle tracking and remote monitoring, as the geo-fence function (Sends a notice to the phone if the car leaves or enters a preset area) speed alarm, wave checking the status of the drive from home. Within the system License, also interesting telephone information system through which it's possible ask for information of any kind (even they suggest you a certain restaurant in the area) Y an operator will send the address directly into the browser. All this is based on an evolution of the system Modular Infotainment System (MY B, its German acronym), which can be integrated into the VW Group MQB platform.