New radars, sneaks porches and other new measures DGT

New radars, sneaks porches and other new measures DGT

Juan Ignacio Zoido, Interior Minister presented a plan of urgent measures to the Commission on Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility Congress of Deputies. A total of 16 measures, for a total value of 11.7 million euros, which we explain below in detail.

* Installation of 60 new checkpoints speed:

Our roads will have "More than 60 new points of fixed speed control", previously marked on panel and on the website of the DGT. With a budget of 1.5 million euros for this action, the DGT says These radars "will be located where objectively necessary and they have been explored or implemented as alternative or complementary to speed control measures. "

* New criteria for the location and management of radars:

The DGT aims "Ensure proper placement and management of radars" in places with more accidents or more "objective danger where failure to observe speed limits. " Among the measures we want to prioritize location of radars in the sections with high INVIVE: The index "assesses the presence of excess binominio speed and accidents. Should check a relative high number of violations, the DGT will carry out the "reinforcement of signaling, alarms previous speed, changes in infrastructure, assessment of the adequacy speed limit ...".

Bullets on road

* Stretches with speed warning devices showing registration:

Something like "Snitches porticos" in 15 sections of our roads. It is intended to "homogenize speeds" in high capacity routes by Enrollment readers in the porches of the roads, which calculate the average speed of cars. Thus, if this speed exceeds the allowable limit, a message of "moderate speed" and car registration will show the driver in another backplane. If speeding is great, "he would inform the Traffic Civil Guard and patrol helicopters."

* Signaling new safe cycling routes:

The objective is "Facilitate and protect the transit of cyclists conventional roads" and as, reduce accidents on our roads. The DGT seeks install a warning signal "periods, sections and routes" in situations of high intensity movement of cyclists. speed will be limited for specific days and times temporarily in defined sections of intercity roads. A total of 49 sections will be marked.

* Commissioning of the control chambers belt:

They are seated these camera control seatbelt use in more than 200 points distributed by all the Autonomous Communities where the DGT has powers. Its location can be checked on the website of the DGT.

* Strengthening security in areas with high accident overtaking:

"Improving the safety of conventional roads" so the driver will make overtaking have greater certainty for the maneuver. DGT will analyze the areas overtaking conventional road sections with the highest accident, and carry out the following measures 1,000 kilometers of roads: Refinish and relocation of vertical signs, road markings with double reinforcement elements and beaconing / separation sections with overtaking ban.


* Smart Cruces:

Installation of dynamic signaling systems by glowpanels, in the most dangerous crossings conventional roads, which detect when a car driving on one of the branches of the crossing. The aim is to warn of the presence of vehicles in 45 of the most vulnerable intersections.

* Avisadores speed:

When a vehicle exceeds the legal speed limit in the "most critical paths on conventional roads" as tight bends or close to populated areas, some dynamic signaling panels ledes bulbs produce a flash and indicate the car's speed at that time. this measure will be implemented in 250 points of our road.

* State Road Education Plan:

The DGT wants to develop a "State Road Education Plan", with the participation also of foundations and associations of victims, and designing them by age groups and specific groups. "Mainstreaming, teaching strategy, social and learning throughout life involvement" is what they want from the DGT for road safety education is important since childhood.

Distractions behind the wheel

*Other measures:

- New instruction monitoring the Traffic Civil Guard (ATGC) and Operational Plan: Strengthening surveillance dates and times more accidents, after a preliminary analysis.

- Strengthening INVIVE signaling sections: 1,200 sections with a high rate of speed and excess binomial accident; the beginning of the section is signaled and later if the length is long.

- Longitudinal sound guides: To avoid running off the road and invasions of oncoming lane conventional roads, over 3,000 kilometers qualified as particularly dangerous sections. More information about this measure, here.

- Communication measures on distractions: Ads through social networks and digital media, and three audiovisual works to raise awareness of mobile phone use in the car.

- real testimonies of victims of traffic accidents: Through social networks and digital media, as well as various audiovisual works in collaboration with associations of victims of traffic accidents.

- New methodology for determination of blackheads.

- Good Practice Guide on cruises and urban sections.

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