The new radars will be fined this summer

The new radars will be fined this summer

The number of speed cameras on our roads is increasing. During this summer vacation, the number of devices that will control our roads will approach 1,000, since the 926 radars which monitors DGT speeding on the roads, we must add 60 new devices that will be installed gradually.

Of these 60 radars, we bring you a list with the new speed controls that have already been installed and can be checked on the website of the DGT. To this list must be added the places where we can find mobile radars, which will be added to the 1,475 sections according DVuelta calculations are controlled on our roads.

This is, therefore, the list of new fixed radars and stretch that we have known, to which must be added the kilometers watched by mobile radars:

Asturias AP-66 66.7 Decreasing

Asturias AS-16 9.5 Increasing

La Coruña AP-9 83.4 Growing

Corunna FE-14 4.2 Growing

Madrid M-50 42.8 Declining

Madrid N-VI 54.4 Growing

Madrid N-VI 56.4 Decreasing

Segovia N-VI 57.2 Growing

Segovia N-VI 59.2 Decreasing

Toledo A-42 55.7 Growing

Toledo A-42 55.7 Decreasing

Toledo A-42 71.4 Growing

Valladolid VA-900 2.8 Growing

Corunna AG-64 18.4 to 12.8 Section

Corunna AP-9F 29,9-31.1 Section

Asturias A-8 354.9 to 355.9 Tramo

Leon Section 317.6 to 319.6 N-120

Leon Section 319.6 to 317.6 N-120

Murcia 30.5 to 33.8 Tranche RM-332

Murcia 33.8 to 30.5 Tranche RM-332

Murcia 1.4-2.6 RM-603 Stretch

Murcia RM-603 Section 2.6 to 1.4

Valladolid N601 226.4 to 228.2 Tranche

Valladolid N601 228.2 to 226.4 Tranche

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