All radars of the A-6

All radars of the A-6

The Northwest Highway, better known as A-6, is the second of the great Spanish highways more radars, only to the A-2. It is also one of the longest in our country: in their 595 kilometers They are spread over 30 radars. It is also next to the A-4, the only radio that has a radar section: It is in the Guadarrama tunnel, both upstream and downstream. Remember that a good stretch of the A-6, which includes the Guadarrama tunnel, highway becomes, becoming payment.

Lion is prominently, the province where more radars are located, with a total of six fixed devices. It is also the province by passing the A-6 more mobile radars: up to six other common points They are recorded therein. In contrast, the province with fewer devices is Ávila, with two fixed and one mobile radars.

In preparing this list we radar completed officially published on the website of the DGT -in which we only found nine radar detectors with produced by Dvuelta and by AEA (European Automobile Association Associates). In the latter, several points are included with usual location of mobile radars.

All radars of the A-6

A-67,750DecreasingMadridMobile radarDGT
A-616,722GrowingMadridfixed radar120 km / h
A-618,270DecreasingMadridfixed radar90 km / h
AP-656.810 to 49.263DecreasingMadridradar section100 km / h
AP-653.126 to 56.608GrowingSegoviaradar section100 km / h
AP-669.973DecreasingSegoviafixed radar120 km / h
AP-674,000GrowingSegoviaMobile radar120 km / h
AP-680,000DecreasingSegoviaMobile radar120 km / h
AP-6106.97GrowingÁvilafixed radarDGT
AP-6108.630DecreasingÁvilafixed radarDGT
A-6134,400DecreasingÁvilaMobile radar120 km / h
A-6152.200GrowingValladolidMobile radar120 km / h
A-6157,200GrowingValladolidMobile radar120 km / h
A-6160.600GrowingValladolidMobile radar120 km / h
A-6171.092GrowingValladolidfixed radarDGT
A-6230,500GrowingZamoraMobile radar120 km / h
A-6245.950DecreasingZamorafixed radarDGT
A-6257.200DecreasingZamoraMobile radar80 km / h
A-6262.377GrowingZamorafixed radarDGT
A-6270.567DecreasingZamorafixed radarDGT
A-6285.600GrowingLionMobile radar120 km / h
A-6312.600GrowingLionMobile radar120 km / h
A-6326.173DecreasingLionfixed radarDGT
A-6343,000DecreasingLionfixed radarDGT
A-6347.911GrowingLionfixed radarDGT
A-6366.700DecreasingLionMobile radar120 km / h
A-6369.100GrowingLionMobile radar120 km / h
A-6369.400DecreasingLionMobile radar120 km / h
A-6371.400DecreasingLionMobile radar120 km / h
A-6380.719DecreasingLionfixed radarDGT
A-6397.638GrowingLionfixed radar120 km / h
A-6426.677DecreasingLionfixed radarDGT

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