Questions: Can you fix yourself a blow plate in the car?

Questions: Can you fix yourself a blow plate in the car?

"I have commented sold a suction cups able to take this kind of hits so you can save me the cost to bring car to the workshop. I wonder if it's easy to make operation and where I can buy sucker. Therefore, with all that expose them, it is relatively easy to fix yourself a little bump in the car plate?."

Response from our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

If the dent is soft and you're a little "handyman" the you can repair yourself without resorting to a plater without even spend the money in the sucker which it is used in many bodyshop Y painting to remove the hits.

The first thing you have to do is remove the fender to access the sheet inside. Once you have located the blow inside and you have left enough space to work accurately you can proceed to planishing with hands or mallet from rubber applying pressure to the recessed portion. If it is not entirely the first not despair, using deck give small, but dry, blows, first in the more sunken area and then the entire periphery of the dent until again in place.

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