Questions: What are the advantages and disadvantages of diesel cars with AdBlue?

Questions: What are the advantages and disadvantages of diesel cars with AdBlue?

"I worry especially so fashionable nitrogen oxides (NOx) and I've heard that cars that use adblue barely give off. But I would like informaseis me a little about their advantages, disadvantages and possible if there are other ways to lower their emissions."

Response from our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

He AdBlue It is a solution of distilled water and 32.5% urea that injected into the SCR catalyst reacts with nitrogen oxides and decomposed into non-harmful gases health. It is located in a specific deposit and has its own injection mechanism connected to the main switchboard of the vehicle. Here, then, you have the first lead well clearly helps reduce NOx levels.

his consumption It can be between 3 and 5% of fuel, allowing spacing processes filling a reservoir kind of a 20 liters until they coincide with periodic revisions announced. But, depending on driving if this were demanding, high-speed or essentially city- increase consumption, consequently reducing the time needed to fill it. Possibly could add force between revisions to maintain the level. In this case, you would have before you a possible disadvantage: According to driving can increase consumption and, therefore, you have to worry about maintenance so that you must add the AdBlue in the long list of actions and care "wellness" of the car.

Before it runs out, I get a message in instrumentation warning of the need to fill the tank as soon as possible, although it was not immediately might as handily overcome the 1,000 km. And even, unlike what is often read in some forums, the car could be restarted without AdBlue despite being outside declaring emissions. Or at least allow for reasons of security starting a minimum number of times -not announced, to avoid, for example, let's lying in the middle of nowhere with no more likely to call a tow truck. Of course, we recommend not to exhaust this possibility and we are keener to fill, even for ourselves.

Do is not difficult. It requires first stock up AdBlue, well at dealerships, with boats of less than 2 l, or service stations where we can find bottles of 10 and suppliers that lamentably will be difficult for us to use in our cars as it has been designed for commercial vehicles, which is mandatory since 2007. Note that this is a highly corrosive liquid and therefore protect yourself with gloves, clean glasses and splashes immediately to avoid deterioration in the paint.

He SCR It is, but also the most effective, but not the only more complex solution. There are brands that point to the trap NOx as a solution to reduce the emission of these gases into the atmosphere. It is a device similar to particulate filter, but much thicker, trapping these molecules to colmatarse, when a fuel injection generates combustion and decomposition CO2, nitrogen and water. One must know that fuel injection involves a temporary increase in consumption and, like the other elements of exhaust gas cleaning as particulate filter, short runs noticeably affect you having to work without having reached the optimum temperature of use.

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