Doubts: Why vibrates and the engine of my car sounds funny?

Doubts: Why vibrates and the engine of my car sounds funny?

"Lately I've begun to notice how It does not work as fine as before, since I've started to hear a noise Pressing the clutch and a vibes quite uncomfortable when accelerating on long marches from low engine speeds the engine. I wonder what could be the origin of these vibes Y strange noises and if they are serious or not".

Response from our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

With that mileage We can guarantee that even You have a car for a long time. The symptom of which you speak in your letter we point to a wear of the dual-mass flywheel your vehicle. This device has the mission to absorb some of the vibes of the motor, for which has two oscillating disks They are rotating in different direction together by springs, so that balance is guaranteed and to reduce many of the primary vibration, especially of the powerful TDI.

However, depending on use, with mileages very variables that usually range from 80 to over 200,000, They can reach faint reproducing the symptoms you avalanches in the letter. These are not exclusive TDI of the Volkswagen group and also abundant in engines mounted by other manufacturers as PSA, Ford, BMW and Fiat employing this technology.

The problem affecting your Seat Toledo You can have at least two solutions if you want those suspicious noises and a third disappear if you prefer to save a good euros at the risk of mechanical damage. On the one hand you could replace dual-mass flywheel another of the same type, with whom'd keep that rumorosidad of Diesel under control and would not change the behavior of the car at the start of the march or accelerating, though possibly in the medium term will have to replace it again. Another option is to employ some of the kit offered by companies in the sector assistant as Valeo and mount a massive flywheel which have hardly replace the remaining life of your car, although possibly going to have to deal with some extra roughness, especially when releasing the clutch, which might happen unnoticed less sensitive to the behavior of the car people.

Tomes solution finally take, do not forget to ask your mechanic to check the state of the clutch. Being a little tired, you can save good money if you decide to change both elements having to spend less money on hand mechanical work, since you would only be disassembled engine parts at once.

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