Dudas: Nissan Qashqai or Mazda CX-3? ¿Manual or automatic?

¿Qashqai Nissan or Mazda CX-3? Which to choose?¿Qashqai Nissan or Mazda CX-3? Which to choose?¿Qashqai Nissan or Mazda CX-3? Which to choose?¿Qashqai Nissan or Mazda CX-3? Which to choose?

"But the question I have in both cases is the same, they do not know whether to choose versions manual gearbox or automatic gearbox. If deciding on the auto switch, Is there a difference between the two? What more worthwhile?"

Response from our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

really your Doubts are more than reasonable, both when choosing between manual and automatic and, in the case of the latter, between a model or other -Nissan Qashqai or CX-3- because although the number of maximum power is more or less similar, it is certain that are very different engines by configuration and They offer performances also very different. We do not point out, however, what kind of use usually perform, if you move daily between urban traffic, in which case the auto switch It is most recommended by the It brings comfort in driving. Only if you really do not use the car everyday city and is commonly used on the open road, rule out the automatic transmission option, a change that is especially nice in these conditions. And yet, it simply rule out the higher costs in purchasing, because it really operation offering today the latest automatic changes largely justify its use.

But understanding that, as usual, use that you'll give includes both city and highway, We would bet by automatic versions. In the case of Nissan Qashqai, gearbox XTRONIC automatic continuously variable type is seven preset ratios when it is operating in manual mode, a very pleasant change that adapts well to the response of small gasoline engine. At CX-3 Auto, change is a torque converter more conventional and is associated with a larger engine than the Nissan Qashqai achieving a set that stands out above all for the excellent driving pleasure it offers. Its performance is also slightly higher than the Nissan Qashqai partly due to the greater weight of the latter a SUV it should be noted also larger than the dimensions of CX-3, and that is reflected in the case of qashqai with a roomier interior than the Mazda SUV. If you do not need much interior space, we favor the CX-3 for the pleasure it offers and its performance, although consumption in town offering favor the Qashqai, whose engine is more efficient smaller displacement.