Questions: How much change clutch car? It’s fair?

Questions: How much change clutch car? It's fair?

Interesting study which we have known today thanks to According to information published this portal, the change clutch kit It can vary greatly depending on the fault, but especially in the area where you live. And not a fact much less anecdotal: it is a relatively common fault in cars Y the most expensive you can find.

reports, the cost of a clutch kit typically costs on average about 650 euros approximately. If this is Dual Mass flywheel, then the price would go up and up to 1,200 euros. But the question is also ...It costs the same in all provinces from Spain? And, as usual, the answer is clearly no.

Where it costs more and where less

Tallerator open its report ensuring that clutch kits with dual-mass flywheel, at least, they have fallen in price up more than 3 percent in the past year. As cheaper provinces to repair figure, first, Orense, where the average is about 770 euros. Followers Toledo and Segovia, with between 800 and 900 euros already.

If we stop now in the Normal clutch kit (Without dual-mass flywheel), the fault yes we can say that today is more expensive than a year ago: a 700 euros and almost half. As trough registered Tallerator places Huelva, where repair would cost just under 400 euros. Badajoz and Jaen They would also be included with an average cost of about 470-480 euros. On the contrary, in La Rioja is where most expensive would be, more than double that in Huelva, costing almost 950 euros. In Teruel was given a 900 euros and in Guadalajara for about 890 medium.

Are the prices justified?

Tallerator concludes his report becoming one question:these prices are justified? And his answer is again unequivocal: do not. The factory cost, for example, a dual-mass flywheel clutch does not exceed 500 euros habitually. There are workshops surcharges apply excessive parts, which can become between 200 and 400 euros. So they warn, more and more users who buy the kit and either take it to a workshop to put it, either install it themselves in the case of the handyman there. He savings can be up to 80 percent.

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