Questions: how many kilometers each diesel particulate filter is changed? how much?

Questions: how many kilometers each diesel particulate filter is changed? how much?

"I also think I understood that filter regeneration, that is, the elimination of the particles occurs periodically every few kilometers. That is, if the vehicle is used for short trips so that the engine operating temperature is not reached could damage the particulate filter? For example, in my case, I make Monday through Friday four short daily trips about 2.5 km each. The weekend itself we make travel much greater distances. With this type of use would there be any problems with the particulate filter in the event my vehicle dispusiera this item? On the other hand, are all particulate filters used additives kind AdBlue or there are no additives? With what periodicity these must be replaced filters and what their Approximate cost?"

Response from our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

Particulate filters require high temperature to burn retained particles, hence very short distances like that you do may adversely affect them. Along the kilometers that "sieve" will retain small particles produced by diesel unburned into the camera without excess detect who leads the process.

As the exhaust gas temperature sufficient to have, by themselves, burn-what is normal are between 300 and 400, half that necessary- and "clean up" the strainer may need to reheat the gas with an extra injection of fuel or an additive. A filler additive in the filters that need it, It can cost around 170 euros, plus VAT (Citroen C5 1.6 HDI).

In the market you can find the filters two types, although the most common among cars are usually the first. That burning process - can also be identified as regeneration or oxidation, as you say, it is not spontaneously occur if the routes are very short or speed is very low: usually takes the engine takes on a 15 minutes speed is above the urban traffic. However, like you if you go out once a week on the road, you should not have problems with the filter: at that time is when your filter will use to debugged. It may be noted that out process because, at that time, more exhaust smoke and even a little tug.

If you did not do more than city You should "force you" to do, even occasionally travels down the road and driving apace -just just go over, at least, 50 km / h-. If you do not what will happen is that a warning to take him to the shop and, depending on the level of saturation, there will act accordingly, even replacing appear in the instrumentation.

When the particles They have not been burned in the filter the engine may enter an emergency mode and lose, significantly, performance. If the filter is cleaned regularly can last a long time, although no eternal. Typically, at least until it reaches the 120.000 km, do not have to worry about this element of escape, although there are cars in which the duration of this filter exceeds 250.000 km without any maintenance that do not pass inspection mere diagnosis apparatus, by the workshop. Else they are carrying additives, in which to refill the reservoir.

The Prices filters vary much but get used to the idea that the replacement of one, including labor, may be between 600 and 1,500 euros. Incidentally, washed with water pressure do not solve the problem only partially, since no plungers areas completely clogged.

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