Cars for remembrance: the myths of the series of EGB

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They are everyone but obviously are not all they are. If we had not curbed the list is endless, but we decided to close in nine legendary cars of those series that kept us glued to the screen for the longed-year EGB.

Sunbeam Tiger

Sunbeam Tiger, the convertible Superagente 86 (1965)

This legendary series parody of spy movies will always be remembered for that red convertible driven by Maxwell Smart. This spectacular vehicle was a 1964 Sunbeam Tiger MK1, a vehicle yielding a portentous 160 hp of the time thanks to its V8 engine. Who has not played to drive that car with Smart and his partner, Agent 99, during one of his crazy adventures?

Pink Panther

Panthermobile, the madness of the Pink Panther (1969)

One of the oldest but probably the most daring, brilliant and surreal the entire list. In 1969 he designed this particular vehicle on the basis of an Oldsmobile Toronado, a car already spectacular enough for the series issued in the early 70's Panthermobile is the work of Jay Ohrberg, specializes in creating cars for industry audiovisual. The car is seven meters long, has a 7-liter V8 engine just behind the seat and in 2016 was restored to its splendor of the past.

Peugeot 403

Peugeot 403, the classic ramshackle Lieutenant Colombo (1971)

There has not been, nor will there be, a police lieutenant as unique as Lieutenant Colombo. Perhaps did not have the best physical shape to stop the bad guys, but his intelligence allowed him to solve every one of the crimes to which he faced. It is not surprising that as affable as he drove a classic character, 1955 Peugeot 403 which yielded just four-cylinder 58 hp. If your car takes almost half a minute to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, you better your intelligence will help you solve the crimes that you face.

Ford Gran Torino

The large red tomato Starsky and Hutch (1975)

"Big red tomato" and Hutch Starsky car referred to in that mythical series that made us dream of spectacular chases through the streets of Bay City. The Ford Gran Torino Starsky red and white went down in history as the most iconic model of the seventies series. His painting kept all the cockiness that stored these two policemen and remain in the memories with their 400 hp obtained by a 6.6-liter engine and special tires for the occasion. Such was the boom that few others painted his R12 with the same red and white series.


Kitt, Knight Rider (1982)

Rarely a car is remembered in the collective imagination with a proper name. Almost everyone put a name to any of our vehicles, but Kitt is, without doubt, the most famous of them all. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am This V8 had the ability to speak and make their own decisions, thanks to artificial intelligence who accompanied him wherever he went, and his owner. Therefore, to Michael Knight did not matter the engine, power or if his car was rear or front wheel drive. He could talk to your car! I could not ask for more.

Testarossa Miami Vice

Ferrari Testarossa Miami Vice (1984)

It is very likely that once this Ferrari Testarossa led by Sonny Crockett seems like the most. The car that has passed into history in the series was the Ferrari Testarossa, but strangely at first Crocket was driving a Chevrolet Corvette C3 with the aesthetics of Ferrari Daytona. When the car began to gain fame, she sued the Italian company responsible for replication and reached an agreement that had two Ferrari Testarossa black for the recording of the series. However, the color did not convince Michael Mann, director of Miami Vice, feeling that the car went unnoticed in night scenes action, so he decided to paint the white car.

BMW 635 CSi

BMW 635 CSi, elegance in Moonlighting (1985)

Another series that accompanied us as we fulfilled years was Moonlight, which dazzled us with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, who starred the series as private detectives aboard a BMW 635 CSi. Its elegance and engine inline six-cylinder and 218 hp made him the perfect companion for a couple of private detectives. Nevertheless, in one of the chapters, Willis undertook to death inside a garage to destroy the car. Maybe this was one of the reasons why we stopped seeing him soon after with hair.

Jeep Wrangler, multipurpose car MacGyver (1985)

MacGyver would be hard to think of a supercar, fast but always impractical. Therefore, this agent Phoenix could not have another car that was not a Jeep Wrangler, small, handy and able to go through where less than we imagine. Low weight, all-wheel drive and 121 hp made the Jeep Wrangler off-road beast. Further, with an owner like MacGyver you never have to worry about possible faults.

Mr Bean Mini

British Leyland Mini 1000, the chiquitín Mr Bean (1990)

We reached the end of our list with another legendary model in the series of comedy. Many who went to EGB were already well grown up when Mr. Bean dazzled us with his adventures aboard the British Leyland Mini 1000. How can we forget that chapter in participating in a race driving from an anchored sofa to the roof or such other in trying to exit a parking without paying. It's hard to find a better car than you feel better clueless British character.