Cars for remembrance: Seat Ibiza Cupra

Seat Ibiza Cupra, generations of a legendary sportsSeat Ibiza Cupra, generations of a legendary sportsSeat Ibiza Cupra, generations of a legendary sportsSeat Ibiza Cupra, generations of a legendary sports

Seat has in sportiness and driving pleasure one of its pillars. Proof of this is that it has always tried to keep in its model range versions of marked sports spirit and, since entering the orbit of Volkswagen, has distinguished itself by being one of the Group's brands that most affects the behavior when making the development of new models.

This year is the year of Seat Ibiza 2017, and the upcoming Geneva Motor Show We attend a new generation that, months later, bring get a new Cupra. But today we talk about new cars but their previous generations ... to remember.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Department of historical cars Seat, our Automobile magazine had the opportunity to face our circuit INTA some of its previous generations, who temporarily left the museum to demonstrate an extraordinary state in full.

Seat Ibiza Cupra 2013

Among them obviously one of the last highlights Seat Ibiza Cupra, the 180 hp 2013, a much more comfortable car to use than Cupra more years. In this logically has much to do automatic seven-speed DSG He is incorporating standard. While the suspension is clearly stronger than the rest of the Ibiza range models -muelles 20 mm shorter, more energetic and more robust silent-blocks, among others, is not at all an uncomfortable car. He hit full with the set and besides get a very sporting behavior, as expected of a Cupra, is a car that quite effectively digests the irregularices the firm, something that just could not boast their ancestors, who were too radical cars in this regard.

Seat CupraOne aspect however that there was finally convinced operation 1.4 engine direct fuel injection and turbo-powered volumetric compressor. This engine is not only powerful, it is also impressive deliverability offering low, medium regime and the ease with which to recover from below when shooting in the longest marches. Not surprisingly, benefits are very good and comfortably exceeding the Cupra R with 1.8 liter turbo 180 hp... and that the weight increased by about 100 kg; larger, more robust body and a more complete equipment are at fault. But this engine can boast not only a top performance, thanks to its efficient performance is also a mechanical reaper far as fuel consumption is concerned, especially when driving easy; rolling at legal speeds is easy to stay with him below 6.5 l / 100 km, which put him in this respect closer to the Cupra TDi Cupra R.

And at INTA, as we were looking forward to visiting our circuit to reunite with the rest of their ancestors. After getting off the truck, the latter sported an amazing look, almost seemed to leave the factory and also were shod with new tires to avoid problems in this regard. He Seat Ibiza Cupra R was a unit with very few kilometers from the park press, while the Seat Ibiza Cupra Diesel It was completely new, with just 200km on the scoreboard. He Cupra 2.0 16v He had traveled more than 100,000 km, but apparently was in very good condition. Being the oldest, it was chosen to take the first turns to the track.

Seat Ibiza Cupra 2.0 16v 150 CV

And the years are left, in addition to perceive that the quality of finish that is on another level, missing the in-depth adjustment for the steering wheel feel. The first sensations of this Cupra 2.0 16v They are very good, the car fits effectively cornering, but it shows that you weigh kilos on the front which tends to understeer quite well misses a quicker steering. The naturally aspirated engine is quite headstrong, but logically their performance and responsiveness is well below his brothers who accompany him in this singular duel. The car brakes well and has a change that can make the willful 2 liter, While it is true that this seemed to no longer be at its best, hence in the ranking of times quotes a rate of more modest models like could be a Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport.

Seat IbizaSeat Ibiza Cupra R

He Seat Ibiza Cupra R share the same platform, in the front it was identical to that of Golf II, while the rear axle came from the Pole. This time the engine used is much more powerful. He 1.8 liters powered turbocharger which had premiered in León, pays for the occasion no less than 180 hp and maximum torque of 24 mkg bordering allowing this version of the Ibiza spectacular features that do not have much to envy the last Cupra. The frame was, however, a little to the limit of its capacity, because the car has enough tendency to understeer, it is difficult to enter the slower turns and is also very prone to loss of motor skills. However, the record obtained in the circuit is excellent and the proof is that six tenths few places that obtained by the most modern model.

Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI

He Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI also had a very powerful engine. He 1.9 TDI powered by turbocharged and pump injector direct injection system developed for the occasion no less than 160 hp and an impressive maximum torque of 33.7 mkg, which is not surprising that the benefits are fairly close to the Cupra R ... and that despite the change developments are quite long. This is likely the cause for which he also lost more than one second in the circuit and that although the behavior seems more agile. It should be noted that the frame was already more modern and efficient, which is especially noticeable on a front end more accurate agile and quick reactions.

However the most significant advance in this sense is seen when one gets behind the wheel of the latest generations. The Cupra 2013 was a car that took the curves with ease endiablada, It was very precise trajectories and also offered an impressive agility. If the benefits of casting a powerful engine that is always ready to respond forcefully adds, was absolutely convinced it was going to be a very fast car on the track of INTA. It unfolds like a fish in water, resulting fast and very responsive to orders received from the driver, but it is true that has been slightly lower than expected.

Seat Ibiza Cupra TDiIn this case and to our surprise, we could not escape from it all stability controls. It is true that when the button partially annulling its function is pressed electronic aids are very permissive, just hinder driving and only come into action when they have exceeded comfortably grip limits. More puzzling is that change management DSG has too many "ideas" when manual mode is used and when loss of traction occurs, automatically switches to the next gear to avoid it and makes it even when the engine is still well below the maximum speed.

Seat Ibiza Kit Car

We can not finish the story without talking about Seat Ibiza Kit Car, a model that although no one Cupra as such, has its sporting genes and which Seat got the World Rally Championship category 2 liters in 1996 and 1997. Best of all is that the Ibiza was not nearly the fastest model in its class, because with an engine that just over 260 hp, little could deal with Citroen and Peugeot on asphalt rallies. Fortunately most of the tests were held on land, where the Ibiza itself was very competitive and managed to be above its rivals, benefited from his enormous strength and an engine that although lacked power, noted for his performance midrange and its easy to recover from below. The Ibiza was also a very agile, manageable and easy to drive car.

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