Cars for remembrance: Volkswagen Corrado

Volkswagen Corrado: we tried a legendary sportsVolkswagen Corrado: we tried a legendary sportsVolkswagen Corrado: we tried a legendary sportsVolkswagen Corrado: we tried a legendary sports

the Volkswagen corrado It hits the market with a dual mission: Fashion relaunch coupé "Authentic" endowed with specific body -leaving behind the era of mere derivatives and berlinas- put the name of VW between a more exclusive clientele. In other words, this sporty He born in 1988 with the objective of Alfa Romeo stand up to, BMW, Lancia and even Porsche on a poorly known or little exploited by those marks. Following the logic of the manufacturer, was not intended to replace the Scirocco -with which he would live for three years- but supplement it, and like that, taking Golf platform as a starting point.

In terms of style, Volkswagen worked closely with Karmann designers, which is then responsible for producing bodywork. The result was a sports whose sharp and cutting lines, drawn by Herbert Schaefer, distilled elegance and aggressiveness: A strong response to almost feminine soft forms, the "bio-design" made fashionable by the Japanese. But for Wolfsburg this issue went beyond the vain frivolity of fashion. Corrado aerodynamics was the result of meticulous preparation. Your bow wedge lower spoiler, high stern and sliced, topped by a mobile deflector which helps the Kamm effect section of 1.81 m2 and Cx 0.32 partly explain their amazing 225 km / h top speed coming reach.

VW Corrado: their engines

Approved design, it proceeded to give the VW Corrado of proper mechanics. Mark took some time experiencing supercharging system with volumetric compressor called G-Lader you installed in Polo G40, a special edition of 500 copies. The intake air coming into the engine through a spiral shaped casing, inside which a rotor rotating at high speed and compressed to 0.7 bar. The compressor, driven by toothed belt, cooled intercooler and coupled to 1.8 8 block valves GTI -internas- several improvements suckled 18 hp were amortized with a constant torque throughout the rev range: over 20.4 mkg between 2,400 and 5,700 rpm, with a maximum of 23 mkg at 4,000 rpm, moving from the original 112 hp to over 160 hp, despite the presence of the catalyst.

VW CorradoBut precisely the engine had been designed for unleaded gasoline and the end of 1988 this fuel was not yet widespread in the countries of southern Europe. As VW would still take nearly half a year to perfect a conventional gasoline version, another ace from his sleeve with Golf mechanics 16V, from 136 hp, aimed at those markets. And it is a VW Corrado 16V our first guest This trio have called together the circuit cross Mas La Salette, in the heart of the Guilleries massif, near the Montseny. It belongs to the current Club president Corrado Spain, Roberto Fernandez Mateo, who did not hesitate to travel from Asturias to participate in the report. Like the other two, his Corrado looks impeccable appearance.

Volkswagen Corrado: Technical and behavior

It would seem that these Volkswagen Corrado age quite well, perhaps because the manufactured a genuine coachbuilder Karmann trade like. All is discreet, sober, functional, but it built to consciousness. The seats are comfortable and hold well. The dashboard looks like the slightly revamped Passat. But under the metal skin of this coupe 4 meters long and 4 seats (More ambitious than a simple 2 + 2 configuration), not only the engine but also hides suspension, brakes and direction Golf. Perhaps this is left so easily lead. The suspension, pulling firm, offers good compromise between grip and comfort, and power steering conveys a perfect driving feel. Cladells attacking the stretch of rtimo a good start to perceive that the multivalve is no paragon of joy below 3,500 rpm. The -no feeling could be otherwise is drive a bigger and Golf under. We stepping on the throttle, without thinking about consumption, we discovered a livelier car, rapid response, but lacking nerve. A more sedate pace reveals something clumsy compared to the compact from which it derives.

Not forget that Volkswagen Corrado is a model 25 years ago, and this version may return more than others how they have been changing the references in performance over time. It is already the G60 steering wheel Paco Alvarez Rivanedeira, corradista Spaniard who lives in Catalonia, with which we to taste the essence of the vehicle, as originally conceived their creators, under the direction of Dr. Wolfgang Lincke, chief development engineer at VW cars. "Is our first sports car"Said House spokesman to the press, whose opinions would be somewhat disparate. According to some, supercharged engine showed good progressivity "But not much more verve at low revs a good turbo, and then not much kick," wrote Sport Auto expert José Rosinski. Demure in their expressions as usual, our great Arturo de Andrés valued from the pages of G60 car that would offer "a fantastic recovery even fifth".

VW Corrado: photosLike other cars pulling a short battle, the Volkswagen Corrado You can get to lift the rear inner wheel in sharp turns without that compromise their excellent stability. I amply demonstrated in the twisty stretch of Cladells. East G60 pushes hard, but transmits a ease of handling and outstanding safety. The effectiveness of the brakes impresses. Everything seems simple: it is easy to place it on the line and gives the feeling that warns the driver of impending understeer. If the path is lengthened due to the centrifugal force, simply turn the wheel a little and close it. It seems designed so that anyone can bring no surprises. Power yes, but under total control. I do not know if I would qualify this sports car ...

With this impression I climb the third step of the corradismo. He VW Corrado VR6 Barcelona's Daniel Merino Andreu, one of the founders of corradocat forum is too big, not only for its intimidating six cylinder V almost three liters. The revised suspensions and reinforced, larger section tires and improve traction control "addressability" car, already bright, dooming his majority as a sports ... great series. On winding roads It behaves like other Corrado and even better, While the greatest weight is felt in the front. I fight a bit with the gearbox, drive smoothly, but detests the awkwardness of the novice user (to be guided by costs wires used to it). Definitely, I could deal with a Porsche 944 and get away with the haul. On flat asphalt is a authentic table: High speed on clear paths has the poise of a contemporary car. Operating impressive silence, sweetness and consistency in the delivery of power, security and confidence that transmits the musicality of his mechanics ... ah, life is different in a six-cylinder, I think, remembering I missed Alfa GTV6.

What was the best VW Corrado?

We arrived at the end and it's time to decide:Corrados which of the three is the best? A rhetorical question deserves an answer to the height ¿What and / or who? Clearly, the 16V is the basic version, Ideal for anyone who wants a car without complications; as a Golf GTI multivalve somewhat lower and long, and inexpensive to maintain. The dilemma is between G60 and VR6. He first it offers less weight, tougher suspension and a brilliant mechanics without major complications, although the minimum tolerances which is made its volumetric compressor makes it a delicate piece over the years: in poor condition can dislodge particles of material flow into the engine ... By your part, the VR6 provides more horsepower fuller form, with much higher torque values. But more cylinders, more power, more electronics involve higher cost, although well maintained a VR6 remains a reliable, able to cover very long mileages without touching the motor car.

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