BMW i5 Concept: more data and images of the new electric car

BMW i5 Concept, first imagesBMW i5 Concept, first imagesBMW i5 Concept, first imagesBMW i5 Concept, first images

In 2025, BMW have at least 25 cars Electrified (and hybrid electric hundred percent), of which 12 They will be promoted only through the electricity. One may be the BMW i5 Concept (Its final name will be BMW i5), One of the surprises of the German firm in the imminent Frankfurt Motor Show).

So "accidental" and during a presentation to the press, the BMW i5 Concept He appeared in a video for a few seconds. A few months ago, the very BMW He recorded a series of drawings and patents i5 and soon, it seems that we will see the actual design this new car one hundred percent electric (the recreation our illustrator Schulte and that heads this article can be a very accurate approximation of what the final model).

The Future plans electrification BMW have been announced by the own head of the German firm, Karald Krüger. The future BMW i5 will be in an intermediate position between the i3 and the i8 hybrid sports and will provide more practicality and space for occupants.

BMW i5 ConceptAccording to drawings of patents and recreation of our illustrator, he BMW i5 Concept follows the design language already shown both i3 as in the i8. In the case of i5, It highlights its wide, wide front grille, flanked on the ends by laser illumination headlights. The front bumper also shown in two tones in contrast to inlets hood. On the sides, the presence of some aerodynamic skirts that accentuate the sporty design of its sedan body.

As to technical specifications BMW i5 Concept, for the moment there is no official data confirmed. From the German firm which has itself announced that will hundred percent electric propulsion. On the range autonomy, there is no definitive information, although recent rumors point to that could travel between 500 and 700 kilometers on a single charge.

We look, then, everything that happens around BMW i5 Concept, whose final production version should be ready before 2020.

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