Porsche Cayenne 2018: this is the sportiest SUV (all data)

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With precedents like seven generations of Porsche 911, do not expect the Cayenne come to revolutionize the design of the previous two; Porsche is so, and that first line of this adventure called Cayenne and materialized a resounding success Lifetime will evolve on the original base. Continuo itself; but not without a high visual impact; front, because the new Porsche Cayenne looks wide "mouths" to "feed" air, or its new headlights LED technology new features already released at Porsche Panamera, as many of the technologies that debuts this new SUV. Behind the new linking strip rear lights and provides a striking light signature, premiered in the "other" other Panamera, Sport Tourism. The minimum wheel is now 19 inches, roads for the first time, tires different section between the axles, something that also characterizes the dynamic silhouette of this SUV. Incidentally, White new brake calipers It is not a new color code without more, but a new technology rather than the Cayenne debuts. They are called PSCB, Porsche Surface Coated Brake, and it is new brake discs coated tungsten carbide. Provide, depending on the brand, more friction with less wear and dust ... And always shiny discs. These new brakes will be available as option on the two measures of upper wheel20 and 21 inches. There will still be the option of carbocerámicos discs (PCCB).

Porsche Cayenne 2018: more aluminum steel

The new Porsche SUV now measures 4.918 meters; It is therefore 63 mm higher the outgoing generation. Its width is around an upper centimeter, while the height is reduced in the same proportion. Although structurally the Porsche Cayenne is quite new, maintains the same battle outgoing model: 2.895 m; expand, therefore cantilevers, although the view does not feel that about body at its ends, although it is likely that the angles of attack and exit are less favorable than before. The base is a short variant Audi Q7 or Bentley Bentayga among others, ie, MLB derived from the architecture the VW group, but with Porsche much DNA... I insist on this detail. Specific design elements and lots of tuning. Like the MSB architecture, also modular, which has released the Panamera (this time, the work of Porsche will share future Bentley sedans), can accommodate different mechanical assemblies or battery packs and It is composed mainly of aluminum, main body material or the vast majority of suspension elements. 65 kilos less (1,985 kg is now the minimum weight) might not seem too much weight savings considering such noble materials or to starter battery is lithium polymer and alone contribute 10 kg weight saving, but not only must take into account the larger size, but also the superior equipment than the Porsche Cayenne now offered as standard.

Porsche Cayenne 2018

The 2018 Porsche Cayene under your skin

Porsche 4D Chassis Control is the system responsible for governing real time all the electronics chassis and to take much work, the Cayenne has a first secondary network 48V dedicated to chassis and electronics, not to overfeed, at least for now, such as in the Audi SQ7. Network is responsible, for example, power the motor of the active anti-roll the PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) system since the previous hydraulic system has given way to electromechanical actuators with shorter and accurate response. Are the direct complement (Option in the base Cayenne and the S series) to new air suspension with height adjustment and varying hardness, composed of three separate chambers cores... another legacy over Panamera. Among its features, the most notable ago differences between the way more "elastic" and comfortable or firmer, and closed sports, especially improving the absorption capacity when driving with high off-road suspension, weak point of these kinds of suspensions as often greatly limit the travel of damping. And as icing, rear direction to the axis, operating on the same principle as the legendary sports or saloon illustrious house: provides as nimbly as maneuverability thanks to a compact motor which articulates two robust subsequent rods of the rear axle. It seems clear that the Cayenne will not go missing reasons to return to claim the crown sportier SUV market.

By the way, the Cayenne "Cloned" to a specialist as your particular Land Rover "Terrain Response"; from now on, it provides different driving modes to suit all possible variables chassis, electronic type and road conditions. onroad It is the usual road, Gravel, mud, sand and rocks complete the "palette" of off-road settings. You can also have a sports rear differential, valuable asset for both off-road and for winding roads, where a Redefined Sport Chrono Package Optional be responsible for removing the quintessence of chassis, all-wheel drive and change / motor thanks to Driving adjustments Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Sport Response with custom variables.

Although Porsche has designed a new direct-shift gearbox eight relations for the Panamera, able to hold stakes of up to 1,000 Nm, Porsche Cayenne for has decided keep changing torque converter Tiptronic S, improved response time and transmission better relationships adjusted for off-road use, shortening the first gear; and road, lengthening the eighth relation to vent the engine and optimize fuel consumption.

Two petrol confirmed; Diesel, waiting

In the future the range is set to substantially equal to Panamera (Turbo S E-Hybrid included), which implies Diesel versions have the technically prepared and properly adapted to decide whether they are ultimately politically correct inclusion in the catalog; so far, they had contributed 13 percent of global sales of Cayenne, no small morsel that could reconquer with future versions of alternative propulsion available from next year. At the moment, there are two engines that can buy the Cayenne when on December 4 this year it goes on sale. And as in the previous generation, two engines that somehow generate some confusion, as the propellant and less powerful access is higher than that used in the next step. So, low Cayenne and Cayenne S are two V6 3.0L first case and 2.9 respectively, in both cases overfed but also by different technologies: for mono-turbo twin-turbo 3.0 and 2.9 for. 340 hp and 450 Nm for the first, 40 hp more than before; 440 hp and 550 Nm for the second, a new Cayenne S that with 20 hp more than before, almost matches the performance of the previous Cayenne GTS equipped with the 3.6 V6 supercharged. The figures for both engines, taking off his hat: 5.9 seconds is the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h which records the 340 hp Cayenne equipped with Sport Chrono (6.2 seconds without it), with 245 km / h top speed. For the Cayenne S, records are 4.9 to 5.2 seconds in accelerating Y 265 km / h maximum speed. Fork announced consumption (According wheel and equipment) it is 9.0-9.2 l / 100 km for the Cayenne 340 hp and 9.2 to 9.4 l / 100 km for the Cayenne S 440 hp.

Porsche Cayenne 2018

Welcome (or not) to "iphone environment"

I surrender to such changes, in particular so successful integration of controls and functions who manage to make the system intuitive, as we have seen in the Panamera, but although the new setting and beautiful interior design by Cayenne type touch buttons Iphone, It will take time until I forget the above arrangement littered with buttons, one for each function. Chairs the dashboard a big screen 12.3 inches; in the instrument panel does, however, an analog clock to the counter, seconded by two screens on either side of 7 inches Each, of course, multiconfigurables. Finishes, touch, driving position are level. There is more space, also more capacity and functionality. The rear seats have six possible positions of inclination and the trunk 770 liters announces, accounting, yes, different gaps beneath the floor. In terms of equipment, the Cayenne put the batteries. For example, It offers three types of lighting, led all series with fixed right, adaptive (Porsche Dynamics Light System) Led technology or Matrix with antiglare or antiglare function (or modify beam intensity when light reflective paneleas the road). The system by thermal night vision camera or pedestrian recognition arrive to strengthen the security of this new generation of Cayenne. Prices, 87,579 euros for Porsche Cayenne base and 107,127 euros for the Porsche Cayenne S, about 7,000 euros the equivalent version of the outgoing generation.

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