Dacia Duster 2018: the secrets of the new SUV

Dacia Duster 2018: all its secretsDacia Duster 2018: all its secretsDacia Duster 2018: all its secretsDacia Duster 2018: all its secrets

A few months ago we had the privilege to chat with the primary responsibility for development of new generation, the second, the Dacia Duster. It was in Paris, one of the development centers Renault, which also he waited for us one of the final prototypes of the new Duster, flanked by two successful units Duster 1st generation. Before starting our talk about new Duster, we were with a data model that leaves us at some point in their business life under the anagram Dacia, Renault and Nissan, It was the best selling car Group worldwide.

We return to the new model. When you see it you recognize unequivocally as a Duster. Perhaps this is why he even left me a little cold, not to perceive at a glance much new. But I justify it: it is a bestseller Y "I had to change but no change". The brand manages information such as the design It has been a mainstay in the Duster success. They have modernized their image by pure evolution, not necessity. Even so, they tell us that "all visible to the human eye changes and what is not only keeps the best".

We confirm that the new Duster retains the same measurements main projection (4.3 meters long and 1.8 wide) model, although not say. He trunk of 4x2 cubes 445 liters 376 and the 4x4. The new Duster seems to occupy more space (we have only weigh around 15 kilos more), Based on a greater proportion of metal, glass detriment. He frontal also adds more voluptuous body forms the hood. Bumpers and wheel arches also they swell the new Duster. Headlights have been ends, stylistic technique that transmits a greater width. Even in the new Dacia Duster We see for the first time in the brand rims of 17 inches!

Body protectors also gain prominence, another way to enhance the size of the car. we have "a secret", Which continues to be the modus operandi of the brand in that economy of scale that allows us to offer very competitive prices: the new Duster leverages front doors and the windshield of the Dacia Sandero (First used the gates of Logan). Improved shock results Euro NCAP, controversial issue on the mark. Comply with regulations regarding pedestrian accident does not have to expensive product, because it is a matter of design and is designed with this in mind. But also on the platform and chassis work he has been done in this regard.

Dacia Duster 2018However, contain costs while preserving the platform common of all Dacia, but launches a new address to refine touch electric driving (what customers were asking). For the same reason, it has also worked extensively in to get better the soundproofing. The interior has not yet been revealed in pictures, but the intention and my confirmation is that will rise exponentially the Dacia perceived product quality. freedom he had to make a dashboard completely new the brand and this has allowed to design, materials and greater care for the detail improve and modernize much to new Duster. Everything is more elaborate ... the appearance of aerators ventilation, seams visible on the door panels, etc. The storage volume increases 5.8 l for a total capacity of 28.6 l. Multiple storage spaces, easily accessible, benefit from the new design and simplify life on board, as the new drawer under the passenger seat with a capacity of 2.7 l. He steering wheel It is wider and seating They are much more elaborate in their functions and appearance. Fluffy at all is greater. The front stools are 20mm long and the driver's seat has a new system of adjustable for height (60 mm), and best headrest lumbar adjustment. Also they switches mechanical look better and feel. Although many brand new components, tell us that they have even improved "economic equation" of the new Duster. How is it possible? we asked: "because much of what we will see debuts in the rest of the spectrum Dacia".

The 4x4 versions They continue to maintain he I send Qashqai central transmission and Nissan Murano. At the Frankfurt Motor Show it has confirmed that mechanical supply will revolve around the 1.5 dCi (90 and 110 hp), 1.2 TCe (125 hp) and 1.6 SCe (110 hp). On the latter a variant of GPL will be offered. The automatic gearbox dual clutch EDC continue to be offered as an option. I ledes reach daylight to comply with regulations. Behind they are not mandatory and as we say, "Dacia's philosophy is not to give less, but no more". We put an example: Renault there are redundant controls or duplicate. For example, with the hands-free card Renault also they offer buttons on the handles to also open and close the doors, but Dacia no... that function and have the card itself. In addition to hands-free card, curtain airbags, warning of blind spots, 360º view camera and automatic switching of lights they are also new elements so far unprecedented in the Dacia range. The colors for the body to be offered already exist in the Palette Group. Instead, rims They are specific... chords to design Dacia.

Do not expect a version "Grand" 7 seats in the new Duster ... of which even we ourselves had speculated. Or so we were told. We argued saying that Dacia should be simple, robust, economic and generously spacious. The natural market Dacia They are the segments B and C, the most sold worldwide, where they can write off many sales with its policy of economies of scale. Two generous offer extra places (as in the lodgy) in a Duster require greatly increase its size and get out of these segments, and not the objective of the brand. They know exactly where they place the Dacia.