Ford Focus ST vs VW Golf GTI Performance, what is better?

Comparison: Ford Focus ST vs Volkswagen Golf GTI PerformanceComparison: Ford Focus ST vs Volkswagen Golf GTI PerformanceComparison: Ford Focus ST vs Volkswagen Golf GTI PerformanceComparison: Ford Focus ST vs Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance

The Volkswagen Golf has not only been the GTI driver category generation after generation (and that's been more than thirty years since it first appeared), but even maintained over time as long as the Reference in this category of sports.

For some years now also the Ford Focus has its ST sports version, whose approach is very similar to the VW Golf GTI basis, While it is true that so far has not been able to steal too much prominence to the German myth. And we say to date ... because this time retried overcome.

The last Ford Focus ST which has landed on the market looks today better prepared than ever to rival in the best possible conditions with the almighty Volkswagen Golf GTI. For the occasion, and to see to what extent can overshadow him, the Golf we have also chosen scarier version Performance: account, inter alia, with a slightly more powerful engine, which develops 230 hp instead of 220; also offers larger brakes, 18-inch wheels Serial rather than 17 inches and, above all, a differential mechanical limited slip electronic control that makes a difference when rolling very fast. Outwardly, this Golf GTI Performance also for the front brake calipers painted in red, among other less distinguished striking details.

Ford Focus ST: your changes

He Ford Focus ST envite faces the seeming perhaps not too changes over its predecessor. However, analyzed further, we see that benefits from important improvements in terms of aesthetics and equipment, but most importantly without doubt the It shows changes from the technical point of view. The gasoline engine of 2.0 liter turbo hardly remains unchanged, but now with the addition of System Start / Stop, get reduce fuel consumption by around 6 percent. For this mechanism is continued announcing a maximum power of 250 hp and nearly 37 mkg torque, which puts it ahead of even rival Volkswagen Golf in what regards to mechanical performance. While it is true that we must also bear in mind that, according to official data, Ford Focus ST It weighs about 40 kg more, something that has also been found by measurements on scale our Technical Center.

Ford Focus ST vs comparative VW Golf GTI PerformanceEven more important are the new features this Ford Focus ST with respect to the frame. Technicians Ford Team RS have completely changed the tuning of suspensions for behavior more agile and sporty. With this goal have changed completely the running gear set-ups, they have substituted dampers for a more energetic moron and also change the Rear suspension springs. In addition, Ford has also worked on the revision of the electric power steering and traction control, which in this case acts as autoblocante. They are subtle changes and, as discussed below, achieved optimize performance and driving pleasure Ford Focus ST.

VW Golf GTI: balance GTi

He Ford Focus ST only It is offered with manual shift six speeds while Volkswagen Golf GTI as well It is available with box of DSG automatic double clutch that, as the defendant has been our choice for the occasion. Needless to say, with the DSG, Volkswagen Golf GTI Perfomance this becomes a sport much more suited to everyday driving and especially in the urban travel, where the Ford Focus RS is not too comfortable: Its controls are harder to operate, while management has a very limited turning radius.

The Volkswagen Golf is always as a more comfortable, smoother handling car. Their suspensions, although they are quite strong too, better absorb the irregularities of the firm ... and that our unit is not mounted dampers controlled option. Ford Focus ST have a sporty mood and it shows, it is hard as a board, is noisier and engine offers a much more violent response, more turbo effect.

The Ford Focus ST is, to put it somewhat more temperament, although it is true that the 2.0 TSI petrol Volkswagen is even more satisfying: it is soft and very refined in its operation, but offers a capacity of impressive response and It boasts a huge power at all times. The Volkwagen Golf GTI is also a more satisfying when traveling car, more comfortable and pleasant, while, stopwatch in hand, offers superior performance, although it is true that the differences are minimal. Bulkier are the differences in change in fuel consumption, around liter more per 100 kilometers in favor of the VW Golf GTI.

Ford Focus ST: internalVW Golf GTI Performance vs Ford Focus ST, including curves

Time and delve more tortuous paths, mountain roads twisty and constantly changing support. Here, el Violkswagen Golf GTI demonstrates high efficiency in those circumstances, it is resulting also easy and rewarding driving. It is a car that believes all things, which always goes where you want it and that hardly puts the driver in trouble. If your heavy cavalry advantage, you can roll very quickly because it always transmits tranquility and boasts a very easy and predictable reactions. In addition, brake very well and without any fuss, although it is true that the Ford Focus ST makes it even better: Your system is more powerful, but does not seem as resistant to fatigue. Which makes sense if you consider that the disks are smaller.

He Ford Focus ST already evident his sportier and radical mood. If you are looking for fun, there is no doubt that the Focus ST is a good car. Improvements in the frame are noted here, and a lot: Agility has won many integers and as a result the car is shown as effective as rewarding driving. It penetrates easily into the turns, the front is very agile, fast and accurate, while the rear is shown much more receptive to change support in the Volkswagen Golf GTI

Finally, it's time to take stock: given the choice, the Price is not a factor, especially if the Volkswagen Golf is dispensed with the DSG, the five-door or even pack Performance. In this case, they must influence over other issues, such as personal tastes, emotion or passion for driving. Once more the Volkswagen Golf GTI represents the perfect balance, common sense, while the Ford Focus ST is a sporty GTi, more radical and appropriate for a younger clientele and passionate. Now, you decide.

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