Comparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDI

Comparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDIComparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDIComparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDIComparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDI

If you ask any engine enthusiast will tell you the same "where gasoline is a good ... Who wants a Diesel engine sports car whose claquetea, vibrates and does not exceed the 4,500 laps?" Well, if you think that you have not tried any of the two cars of this comparison. I agree with you in that a gasoline engine is much more enjoyable and stimulating, but the "burned" from this we have no choice but to surrender to the evidence; GTI "mola" but ultimately you have to live with it every day and I assure you that with which it is falling have a car that you put it if you can do consumption averages below 5 l / 100 km and that, in turn, can serve you the weekend to give a joy as stretch or rapid acceleration also "mola" a lot. Perhaps this last reflection matte passion, but even to me, I hate everything that smacks of diesel, not me choice but to admit that, overall, They are a logical purchase. Yes, sometimes happiness is not in logic do not you think?

There are more models of this type, but this time we chose two They are very interesting price. Opel offers its Astra super-Diesel this version called biturbo. In addition to a level of finish, the biturbo refers to an interesting engine equipped with two sequential turbos and a dual air-water intercooler, which premiered in the Zafira. Use base 2.0 CDTI 160 hp, but instead of a single VGT has two turbos fixed geometry, a smaller blowing low turns (rotates at 270,000 rpm) and then overlap from 1,500 laps and up to 2,500 rpm with a larger one that rotates at 180,000 rpm; From there only it works big. It offers 195 hp, being as one of the diesel engines with higher specific power market. Here we face the Seat Leon FR finish (Takes the rear multilink suspension) and 2.0 TDI 184 hp. To reach this power Seat opt ​​for a more conventional engine technology (the same as the Golf GTD), With a single variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler.

Comparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDI

Both models have the same virtue, and that They run like hell and spend very little. Either will make you happy with your good relationship between performance and consumption. Of the two the Seat takes this concept a little further, spend less and be slightly faster, although the difference in just over a second accelerations not seen in public, unless you go down paths that one and you immediately go up on the other. The theory is that in a matter of the most powerful benefits should run, but I 267 kg Astra has the more you do have at the end a worse weight / power, not surprisingly, also affects the difference in consumption relationship. In any case, both they have features that draw many colors petrol models and cut sportier name.

If seeing what running or power they have what you're worried about is consumption, believe me, They spend very little. Both carry Stop / Start system as standard, with good performance, both in duration of the stop and start. On average, the Spanish spends half a liter less, being, nevertheless, consumption of very good German. A consumption of our Technical Center, ideal to compare with other models, you can add the expense that you be able to get you to everyone. I I got the lion be around 4 l / 100 km on average, while the Astra I could not overcome the barrier of 4.6 l / 100 km; It is a matter of going at legal speeds and unstretched lower gears, and is achieved without you to be the slowest in the region. You see spending two is extraordinary-at reducido-.

Comparison: Opel Astra CDTi biturbo vs Seat Leon FR TDI

When driving, again, you have two interesting alternatives. Seat feels more refined, both sound and vibration, you'll enjoy more while the Astra is not bad in this regard. Both perform well. The Astra with the optional variable suspension, which I recommend despite the € 810 it costs, is sportier and more comfortable while. Your Tour mode gives you more comfort, and that the 18-inch wheels with 235/40 tires do not contribute to it. Still, softens and stiffens the suspension of the driver at will, something that has no rival, which is only limited to the engine management and steering assistance. Driving limit in search of the Lion is more settled and balanced. The Astra offers increased understeer (again off weight) but the back helps you mitigate as you ask. Valuing these differences personally I bet on the Opel, which seemed to me faster. But when -stop lengthens braking distances absolute excess; It is not a question of braking capacity or pneumatic weight but since in braking speed reduction is not in doubt.

Live with these models everyday is nice. There is good room for four and porters, without being the largest segment, are more than enough. They are well equipped and its starting price seems right given the type of car that you take. The Opel has better front seats, at least curb adjustment in length, and its design is less sober than the Seat. If you liked I recommend you study well the final price in dealer as they both they enjoy promotions, some of them subject to financing conditions or delivery vehicle used. If the price difference is not a problem, Go for the one you like and you will not go wrong.