Test: Ford Fiesta ST, great little volcano

Test: Ford Fiesta STTest: Ford Fiesta STTest: Ford Fiesta STTest: Ford Fiesta ST

Now again It has been completely renovated to the category of small GTi, I am convinced that your mind is structuring it into two: those who move on the border of 180 hp, as the trio of cars VW -Fabia, Ibiza and Polo, with exotic connotation change its double clutch and doubly sobrealimentado- motor Mito QV or Corsa OPC; or already scaled or exceed two hundred horses, 208 GTi and Clio RC as references, accompanied by the various options Mini offers price-in another universe and also powers Corsa Nürburgring with mechanical self-locking or Juke Nismo-. But now that Ford has taken a radical turn to your product, I think it's only fair that we begin to climb the Fiesta ST to first division. I'll summarize that easy, but I then stretch out in detail: It is irreproachable dynamically as GTI and prestacionalmente talking not only has gotten into the group of "big"But virtually every major power rivals eats.

Give cane. As you'll get to see -soon have the most complete special you've ever imagined more than a dozen cars-, all these new small GTi are going through this "pages" and we have already had occasion to kilometers and curves with them, so regardless of performance or behavior of each, I think the party has a quality that seems to me that is of particular interest: the feeling of robustness that transmits as sports. After hundreds of curves, ditches literally bitten looking for that live asphalt edge of the roadway, broken asphalt in which rocks, jumps or take engine and brakes to extreme overheating emerge, the Fiesta gets rolling like the first day, without the slightest sign of torture.

Ford Fiesta ST sport

In a way, it is a quality that endures previous generations, as the personality of their behavior, although it had never been the Fiesta ST to such a mechanical level. The new engine has come to him like a glove. Goodbye to its pleasant vacuumed mechanics, now Ecoboost is the one who blows the new ST. Standard technically: 1.6-liter, direct injection, turbocharging, variable phase ... but unique. More or less own development, others share when the Ford engine is exclusive. Basically as it arrives, with more intercooler- Focus, with the same progression, elasticity and strength; It is the low weight of the car and closed relationships change that accentuate the character and punch. And above all, sound. High? I do not care. Beautiful. This results in a system that transmits the vibrations of admission to a soundboard behind the dashboard handles. I do not know if I wanted to say my wife is that this Fiesta ST sounds too ... Neither heard nor listened because I think the Fiesta deceives you, takes hold of you.

I do not know how you like GTi you, there are no ornamentations nor details to the gallery, only what GTi for functional elements, I would say almost indispensable: seats that seem to be magnetised, perfect pedal to feel Joaquín Cortés which stomped the stage, steering wheel excellent grip, thickness and feel and a key with the ESP icon contains some of the best surprises.

Stop driving, get to ride. Active, Sports mode and off are the three possible states of stability. You know, as your worth driving the first may find it too intrusive, but I think a full success how they manage the first two modes limits, because you can go really fast very Fino But with the ESP completely dormant, while in its Sport mode until you can afford to make asphalt curves almost entenderás- I think I like you on earth you balance and transferring weights to help rotate the rear sliding, or sliding short that train throttle opening because the curve tends to become straight. Yes, you do much better and more naturally with stability control completely removed, but you run out of the Guardian Angel looking at you askance.

Ford Fiesta ST sport

The truth is that This party has good manners as long as it is quite sensitive to your driving style, because if instead of driving-show are someone looking for the tenth provided hasten good brakes, draw very, very fine and accelerate the right time taking advantage of how well the electronics simulates a self-locking ST becomes a true tiralíneas.

Pesadoque weight dynamics feel the Fiesta ST, however, Small, agile and light, always reagent incisor. Very fun, very effective, I think it has a supernatural ability to become a better driver than you are because it will not in time, going on feelings and that the party seems able to control your heart rate. As GTi of race, ST party ends up being uncomfortable. Between ports, I just stopping to rest before you refuel, and that neither this nor any other 1.6 turbo has friends to spend time when fuel runs really. Thus a life GTi with firm, dry suspension, but all of impeccable quality, including brakes. Ford shows that everything is not about steel in sight, because with the Party not overly large disks, brakes and slows and slows. How I love that ending pedal travel where you find an extra point mordant. Uffff, which sweats.

And dry your hands because you're going to use them thoroughly. Plus there's much, much engine under the right foot, you can handle clutch and change so unscrupulous that I bring some thousandth speed. You think small dimensions are what make you see the world in fast motion, but it is pure merit, as evidenced by his times, trying to you to you to Clio RS and 208 GTi acceleration. Its powerful engine, turbo as it is, is just beyond 6,000 rpm maximum capacity of rotation, although any power requirement you make below becomes a good coz ... Your resilience is there to confirm this. Ultimately, adds efficiency, effectiveness, fun, robustness, good equipment and the best price and the result is ... Yes, Fiesta ST.