Seat Cordoba 1.9 TDi 100hp

Seat Cordoba 1.9 TDi 100hpSeat Cordoba 1.9 TDi 100hpSeat Cordoba 1.9 TDi 100hpSeat Cordoba 1.9 TDi 100hp

However, despite that internal measures have also increased, the "growth spurt" does not yet allow its occupants to travel in comfort: the rear seat passengers have little legroom and see something "overwhelmed" by the proximity of the front seats.

This lack of space is explained by the origin of Córdoba, it has been developed from the Ibiza and has added a large trunk (535 liters capacity, as measured by our Technical Center, despite housing a spare wheel same size as the rest of the model). However, it might be preferable to sacrifice some luggage, provided that passengers are looser. Feeling overwhelmed moved, sometimes to the driver: the wedge-shaped body has made the roof remains too close to your head and this feeling is accentuated if, as is my case a height that barely exceeds 1.60m forces up the seat near maximum and approach the wheel.Sports philosophy that wants to capture the brand is also present in a carrier that (as usual in cars "racing") is somewhat spartan. The instrumentation is just He misses being able to handle the sound system from the steering wheel, for example, although the feel of all controls is very good and its location is right: whenever your hands look how drive a device, you will find the first the right button. In, tilted towards the driver, center console include orientable grilles ventilation, radio-CD and the navigation system (the latter optional), while in the door, controls the power windows -the emplaced front are standard throughout the gamma-, exterior mirrors and central locking. Operation of this is somewhat uncomfortable, because if we want to access the vehicle from outside, we will have to click twice to all doors open: one-touch, allow the driver to enter the car, but our companions they will stay outside, waiting for us to remember let them pass. However, it is an excellent security measure that most American brands-and several europeas- used to avoid "shocks".