Contact: Trekking Fiat 500L Living and the family grows

Fiat 500L Living and 500L TrekkingFiat 500L Living and 500L TrekkingFiat 500L Living and 500L TrekkingFiat 500L Living and 500L Trekking

As he has done Mini, Fiat Family expands urban 500 betting on new segments. And the goal is the differentiation, look what no rival can offer. And in the equation there are two new members: 500L Living and the 500L Trekking, both based on the Fiat 500L.

Magic Purpose Wagon (MPW). Fiat and its new offshoot calling itself combining three concepts: on the one hand modern design own family 500, on the other the benefits of compact and finally the versatility of a minivan. Three features that come in handy for their purpose: to be the first family car.

With a length of 4.35 meters, he Fiat 500L Living differs from his brother, and 500L in the enlarged rear to accommodate a third row of seats (5 + 2p). Serial, the Fiat 500L Living integrates 7 seats, but those who wish may opt only for 5 seats and a generous luggage compartment of 638 liters. Such long attached to a width of 1.78 meters and one height of 1.67 meters make it the most compact in its segment.

And the obvious functionality is added the personalization, do not forget we're talking about a Fiat 500. The 500L Living range has a single trim level, but they can choose to 19 exterior colors -which includes 11 options bicolor between ceiling and carrocería-, four interior upholstery and six designs of alloy wheels. The Fiat 500 essence found in these 282 different possibilities It is offering the passenger compartment leaving a generous freedom to dress this small minivan.

Contact: Trekking Fiat 500L Living and the family grows

For his part, Fiat 500L Trekking as defendant satisfies the currently fashionable SUV. In essence, we are facing the same although somewhat shorter car, 4.14 meters long, and the usual Campero makeup: Specific bumpers, protective shield or protection in the wheel arches. The suspension rises 10 percent compared to living and it also incorporates the Intelligent Traction front-wheel drive + and the M + S tire 'snowflake' improving traction on slippery surfaces more 'off road'.

Engine and equipment

He Fiat 500L Living reaches the Spanish market at the moment with two mechanical options turbodiesel, the 1.3 Multijet II 85 HP and the II 1.6 Multijet 105 hp. The first are associated with a 5-speed manual transmission, while the second one Box 6 relationships. In addition, in the case of the 85 hp version, you can opt for the auto switch. The best option is undoubtedly the 1.6 and the 1.3 may stay somewhat 'short' on the open road: 167 km / h Maximum speed versus first 180 km / h second. However, without fanfare, both versions are perfectly valid both on road and urban land.

The only option equipment already mentioned comes standard with front and side airbags, cruise control, fog lights, power windows and electric mirrors, air conditioning or parking sensor among other benefits. From optionally, You can be integrated browser or rear camera to facilitate parking. Also highlights the work done on the suspension system, with independent frequency dampers, which seek to ensure occupant comfort when undertaking irregularities can be found in the asphalt, either city or open road.


Not forget that we are talking about a model born for the city, being always present efficiency. The two mechanical turbodiesel that reach the Spanish market are associated standard system Start&Stop, getting further reduce consumption in the most hostile to the same environment: the city. Thus, in territory urban fuel consumption is estimated at 5,0 l / 100 km in the case of 1.3 and 5.4 l / 100 km in the case of 1.6. He mixed consumption It is 4.2 and 4.5 l / 100 km and emissions 110 and 117 gr / km CO2 respectively. These figures allow the two mechanical versions comply with regulations euro 5+.

Contact: Trekking Fiat 500L Living and the family grows

Inner life

A Like the Fiat 500L, the Living arrives to provide that where urban 500 falls short: improving life in the passenger compartment. Even in the case of this model which takes its name from the concept 'living space '. This is thanks to the width of roads, 2.61 meters, and space enjoyed by passengers, a total of 3.89 cubic meters. The rear seats, as far as the second row of seats is concerned, are spacious and comfortable, accommodating three adults without problems. As far as the last row, the space is reduced, but is ideal if you're talking to seat two children.

The versatility It is one of the maxims of this small minivan. In the case of opting for the seven seats, they, time, They can be folded completely to obtain 638 liters of luggage. Meanwhile, in the five-seater cargo capacity increases to 1708 liters the second row of seats folded.


The Fiat 500L Living meets the goal of becoming the first family car. Spacious, versatile, with a perfect city to function in functionality and the size flag. It also helps price, that part of the 18,800 euros and drops to 15,300 if we use the Eco Bonus discounts:) Fiat and PIVE Plan.


- 500L 16v Multijet II Living 1.3 85 CV Start&Stop: 18,800 euros.

- 500L 16v Multijet II Living 1.3 85 CV Start&Stop Automatic: 19,700 euros.

- 500L 16v Multijet II 1.6 Living 105 hp Start&Stop: 20.200 euros.


Fiat does not lie when he says that the Fiat 500L Living is unique in its kind distinguish these 4.35 meters compared to its rivals. The nearest Volkswagen Touran, of 4.39 meters, which also allows opt for a third row of seats as an option and as an extra. The obvious advantage of Living is offering seven seats as standard and at no extra cost, plus a price from 2,000 euros lower.

While another of his potential rivals, Dacia Lodgy, wins the battle in the starting price of 10,200 euros, it does in size, leaving the nearly 4.5 meters.