First test: BMW X1, activation be

First test: BMW X1, activation beFirst test: BMW X1, activation beFirst test: BMW X1, activation beFirst test: BMW X1, activation be

The new X1 born to provide a jolt to SUV market premium. On the one hand, it has acquired a commanding presence with a very marked resemblance to his older brother, the X3, and 100% aspect SUV erasing in one fell swoop any resemblance to the first generation, more connected to tourism, or elevated body crossover- with a genuine BMW X.

BMW X1On the other hand, it is constructed from UKL architecture front-wheel drive and transverse engines the Bavarian firm also used, without going any further, the Serie 2 Active Tourer. And far from being breaking a tradition, having dispensed with the longitudinal engine layout has allowed designers of the brand achieve a more spacious interior, especially in what has to do with the boot, which grows 85 liters to overcome 500 and the rear seats.

These have been high 6 cm from the first generation, suggesting easier access both to raise the little ones and their child seats functionality inspired by MPVs. Thus, the seats are individual and allow to be developed or delayed up to 13 cm, which we like BMW partners admitted in a space presentation- give even higher than a Series 5. Depending on the configuration, will also variations in a trunk capacity of more capable than the previous generation and opens both the possibility of being powered as a remote for recognition of the opening movement of the foot.

Interestingly, this improvement in inner capacity contrasts with a reduction of almost 9 cm wheelbase, with almost 4 cm less in terms of total-length, the loss of 2 cm width and a height gain of almost 7 cm. Hence his appearance is much stronger, highlighted by a strong front, with a very distinctive bumpers, power lines on the sides and rear of unmistakable character X.

Start engines

BMW X1Arrival at the Spanish market is scheduled for next October, the date on which may be chosen either with a gasoline engine of 231 hp, the xDrive 25i, or with one of the three blocks of 2 liters. Two of them, 20d and 25d of 190 and 231 hp will be associated exclusively as gasoline, traction to all four wheels and eight-speed automatic transmission. This is torque converter and in addition to its smooth operation, with little slippage, highlights incorporate a freewheel function in Eco mode so decouple the engine when it ceased to accelerate circulating between 50 and 160 km / h allowing then save power. The offer is complemented by a 150 hp sDrive 18d, always with manual six relationships and front wheel drive, which will enable the brand to offer an attractive price to dealers call as well as an exceptional level of consumption (4.3 l / 100 km).

In March, the initial impressions lived aboard the two most powerful versions, both equipped with the optional tire 18 ", we were talking about power to move the body without problem and satisfy fond of fast driving, ride quality, driving precision and comfort that adaptive suspension DDC You can provide. This is regulated from the select button up state (Sport, Comfort and Eco), but regardless of pre-selected, the system would vary their firmness based on data relating to driving by the sensors.

BMW X1Although not its purpose, the X1 has a couple of interesting systems that facilitate the work of those who plan to venture into more complicated than asphalt dry land. It is an effective traction control, along with traction for improved speed performance and control system lowering speed four-wheel achieves improved motor skills X1 permiténdole leave the asphalt or move more easily poorly adherent surfaces such as sand or snow. Nevertheless, we should not forget that this is a SUV and with a ground clearance of 18.4 cm and unfavorable angles all Terreneros (17'7º attack; ventral 16'7º, and 20,6º output) better not go into places too much complicated by the traction would allow us.

automatic copilot

The X1 is in the line of the latest BMW in terms of possibilities to equip and adapt to personal tastes. So, it will appear with three interior trim lines: xLINE, Sport Line and M Sport which can be combined with the usual impressive optional equipment. Emphasizes in this regard the Head Up Display, the information projection system on the windshield that integrates data speed reading signaling traffic and browser and becomes an ally to security.

In the same sense Driving Assistant integrates the grouping's warning involuntary change lanes, change assistant lights, warning of excessive approach to the preceding vehicle and said reading traffic signs. Its evolution, Driving Assistant Plus, include active cruise control which will maintain a speed between 30 and 140 km / h set by the driver by maintaining the distance chosen from the previous car. In addition, keep the car within its lane circulating from 60 km / h being able to subtly move the wheel without driver involvement, demonstrating the potential of electronic aids developed by the Bavarian firm.