Porsche Cayenne GTS sports car is written with GTS

Contact: Porsche Cayenne GTS, GTS sports is written withContact: Porsche Cayenne GTS, GTS sports is written withContact: Porsche Cayenne GTS, GTS sports is written withContact: Porsche Cayenne GTS, GTS sports is written with

They say time gives or takes reason. And in the case of the Cayenne, the passage of time since its appearance on the market in 2002 has, without any discussion, why those 'Mad adventurous' Porsche they were determined to launch an SUV under the banner of the legendary firm of Stuttgart sports. In a nutshell, Cayenne is the best selling model of the brand (Will have to wait a while for the Macan rest) and your spine, along with 911 in income.

Porsche Cayenne GTSGTS Porsche is an acronym that have a special meaning. Only they put in those versions that have a more dynamic and sporty DNA (if that is possible in a model signed by the Stuttgart brand) and They are a tribute to the 904 Carrera GTS 1964. These acronyms are not new in the range of large SUV (now that's the only Macan SUV not say it) because they have been accompanying the different generations of the Cayenne have been off since its market launch in 2002.

The first Cayenne GTS was staged in 2007 and since then, every new appearance has been gaining not only followers, but also has been improving its efficiency and dynamic performance.

great improvement

If we look at the previous Cayenne GTS we will realize the quantitative and qualitative leap which means this new edition of the GTS. To get started, the so-called 'downsizing' is effective in this GTS. It has grown from a V8 engine of 4.8 liters and 420 hp a V6 3.6L biturbo with 20 CV plus -440 CV- and almost 9 mkg torque more. This engine is based on carrying his little brother the Cayenne S, only improved in terms of efficiency and power. Well, this reduction in capacity and the disappearance of two cylinders involves only compliments. It has more power, is more elastic, has better low and, the most important, announces a reduction in consumption of almost 1 liter per 100 km.

Porsche Cayenne GTSCoupled with this engine is the automatic gearbox eight relations Tiptronic S. The truth is that it is a good ally for the taming of 440 hp since it is quite Fast in its automatic and just jumps up noticeable change even when reduced. For the most demanding, the change can be operated by paddles behind the steering wheel or toggling changes but, really, in the end it faster if we act in automatic mode with the Sport Plus online mode.

When shooting a relaxed pace, the Cayenne GTS shows comfort and impeccable quality rolling. There are hardly any noise from outside and coming from the engine, we will not deny, it is a heavenly music. It is true inclusion in the equipment of the sports exhaust system and Sound Symposer (varying "music" that emit exhaust) makes you not resist to downshift and hear how the engine roars Cayenne GTS when you do go up again and again to the cutting regime. So we could see first hand this feeling within the tour we did on this handshaking had to go through some old aircraft hangars carved into a mountain. Needless to say, we knew very little three turns we in this 'Concert Hall'.

Outwardly, the new GTS can be discovered (besides the logo shown in the tailgate) by the presence of a running boards and steps from bulkier wheel. It also has front with the 'look' of the turbo, with larger air tickets. The interior is distinguished by its mixed sports seats with leather / Alcantara and tachometer on black with GTS logo upholstery. Series, the new GTS incorporates lowered chassis 24mm if the suspension has springs (standard) or 20 mm if the optional air suspension leads.

The new GTS is, for power and price, between the S and Turbo, completing a wide range certainly where we find models with gasoline engines, diesel or hybrid. The price of the GTS is 114,398 euros and it is now available at dealerships.