Skoda Octavia III drove the Geometric progression

New Skoda Octavia 2013New Skoda Octavia 2013New Skoda Octavia 2013New Skoda Octavia 2013

The Skoda Octavia was born in 1996 and it is now presented is the third generation. Since then They have sold 3.8 million units they have made this -Compact model for managers of Skoda, midsize sedan for us- his defendant not only in our country but worldwide model.

Aesthetically, the new Skoda Octavia It seems more an evolution than a revolution. Win in angularity aesthetics, edges, is more attractive, but not crazy. Still maintains the DNA of the brand and is not a car that put on the street will make heads turn. We say those who have created also seek to be a new but long business trip, with lines or strokes that do not go out of fashion product.

Skoda Octavia III drove the Geometric progressionOn the front of this new Skoda striking new grille, horizontal bars darkened, a logo passing the hood -before the barbeque, and a front fog bulky -more by plastic cover that volume focus extra light combined with a shaped front optical receiving one lower strip leds.

On the side of the third generation Octavia, two distinct elements, the abrupt midrib going front optic rear above the door handles and the curious cut tailgate at its top that is reminiscent current Lexus IS. Behind more edges that did not exist, maintaining respect to the optical cuadradotas shaped C.

In size, increase in battle 108 mm which result in greater interior space, for a total length grows 90 mm to place this model 4659 mm, almost the same as a Renault Laguna -three half centimeters and less.

interior cleaning

We take seat in the new sedan Skoda and here it changes are greater, much more obvious. Cleaning dash lines, betting on horizontality. more cushy materials than in the previous Skoda Octavia in the upper parts. New steering wheel, new watches grafías more legible speedometer and tachometer setup for the VW Golf closest to the couple Audi A3 / Seat Leon, new multifunction display that can reach eight inches with proximity sensor -aprovechamiento group synergies Seat, VW and Audi-. While Audi and VW are betting for its A3 and Golf by the electric parking brake, Seat Leon and Skoda with its Octavia have to be content with the conventional handbrake lever. To put some but remember the presence of hard plastic outside the front line of the eyes and coatings except doors wherever we support the front forearms.

But true value of the new Skoda Octavia comes the interior space. While going ahead as lords I'd like a larger left glove, however much it climatizable-, Behind the feeling it is of immense. The right rear leg space before is solved now gaining centimeters and height to head. Unsurpassed for two occupants, since the hypothetical third a large central tunnel that will prevent a convenient location as spending a few minutes of travel will be.

Skoda Octavia III drove the Geometric progressionAnd what about the boot of the new Octavia? 590 liters, a figure that would like saloons and 4.8 and up to five meters. Win 15 liters compared to the previous Skoda Octavia and that giant tailgate climbing you discover a world fit all your luggage and the accompanying you. If anything, criticize the rear bench by folding does not form a smooth loading platform but on the contrary, the passenger seat is folded to improve the transport of long objects.

new dynamism

In the mechanical section, four petrol and four Diesel Mechanical in the new Skoda Octavia to cover a wide range of powers which will start in the 85 hp and 180 end in -a waiting for RS- future.

In gasoline engines, the new Skoda Octavia starts with 1.2 TSI 85 and 105 CV, next to 140 hp 1.4 TSi -By the end of the year will join the 180 hp 1.8. Diesel, the commercial start will occur with engines of 105 and 150 hp, waiting for the arrival in June 90 hp and 110 hp in November.

And his wheel, our first contact with the new Skoda Octavia has focused on the Diesel engine 150 hp has shown us all the good we already knew him and who recently have been testing associated with the new Audi A3, VW Golf and Seat Leon. Decision to strip forehand pedal from low revs winning in the new Octavia as compared to the previous tread, tread, inner rumorosidad, change management and precision in his direction. In addition you can benefit from all existing technological arsenal in the VW Group in comfort and safety fields and so we can mount keyless start, start&stop, adaptive cruise assistant, assistant intelligent light, signal recognition, automatic parking, four types of -normal driving, eco, sport and personalizada-.