Test: Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4×4, familiar with adventurousness

Test: Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4Test: Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4Test: Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4Test: Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4

Although since 1999 Octavia family, called Bus, It enjoys 4x4 versions, it was not until 2007 when the Czech brand decided to launch one of crossover. That is, with all-wheel drive and a raised body -mainly different attachments to highlight its aesthetic-Campero spirit. The bet, so "fashion SUV" was well received and in 2009 returned to reedit on the restyling of the second generation. And the third sale since 2013, It was only a matter of more or less time to arrive Scout variant, which burst at the end of 2014. A version for the first time in our country abandons its nomenclature Octavia Combi Scout to stay dry. Marketing issue, but with the clear purpose of positioning it above the rest of his brothers, as well show powerful engines chosen at the start of its commercial life and its comprehensive standard equipment.

Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4Thus, the 2.0 TDI 150 hp with six-speed manual transmission represents access step, while above in Diesel is positioned one 2.0 TDI 184 hp with automatic DSG dual clutch driven and silky petrol 1.8 TFSI 180 hp DSG also. By May will add a more economical 1.6 TDI 110 hp, but with the same level of equipment.

2.0 TDI 150, is the best equation?

With the 2.0 TDI 150 hp, compared to its hypothetical rival offers very good performance, especially in acceleration, but since it is not a lightweight car that has been pulling all-wheel drive although it has reduced its overhead with a Saving 22 kg compared to the previous Scout according to figures from our Technical- Center it is not unreasonable to look at the 2.0 TDI 184 hp, especially the inclusion of the excellent DSG automatic transmission, though all is an extra outlay of 2,400 euros; in the field of options go far. However, The manual gearbox is nice and precise, although with a lever slightly longer distances. Convinces the direction and accuracy of its front end, while having high body He has lost some agility. Nevertheless, it offers good dynamism, great poise and contents flipflops body, with excellent grip of tires Continental ContiSportContact3 purely asphalt. To which adds one effective AWD through a multi system Fifth-generation Haldex Soft--faster and sends torque to the rear train from the start and that blends seamlessly with stability which acts as electronic differential.

It is a propeller stands for its softness and elasticity, although its noisiness is not very low. It is faster than its predecessor, but above all, much more efficient, since half liter reduction in consumption on the highway and almost 1.5 l / 100 km city; things electronics, Euro 6 and, of course, the inclusion of Stop&Start.

Road and dirt tracks

By countryside we must not forget that It is a crossover, not an SUV, but with this Scout can roll off road much more quiet than with a 4x4 Octavia Combi. The secret lies in its greater ground clearance, which grows thanks to 31 mm cushioning that rises; with longer springs, dampers and new thicker stabilizer bar. Nevertheless his ground clearance is low, lower than an SUV, and cushioning paths are also shorter than these. Very interesting is the underbody protection, in other countries it is marketed as an option for bad roads. Its bumpers and wheel arches in black plastic are less likely to get scratched with branches, but it is a car to get on a bike trail or to face serious obstacles, which severely penalized for their ventral angles and attack.

With full solvency

Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4A horse by its exterior dimensions between the C segment, the part its structure, rivals as the Golf Alltrack, he León X-perience or the Volvo V40 Cross Country, and D, with models as Audi A4 Allroad, Opel Insignia Country Tourer, Subaru Outback, Citroen C5 Cross ... analyzing inside must not overlook this important detail. Thus, the compartment no protruding height and width compared to models of segment C, which clearly exceeds for legroom, ranking among the best in the D. But its most prominent value is the trunk, that outperforms all, reaching above 30 liters Outback and 85 of the large and Passat Alltrack or C5 Cross. It also provides details of useful, as retractable hooks for hanging bags, controls for folding the seatback and thus extend the loading surface (1040 liters, while not flat, since it has a slight step) or a trapdoor to introduce long objects such as skis practice. his gate, once opened, is situated at a considerable height, so for lower can be very good option to use your electric drive (375 euros).

Excels in ergonomics, with multiple possibilities of regulation and well-designed controls that always fall hand and are comfortable to operate. The seats collect the body well, although long journeys, after several hours non-stop driving, seek an appearance of fatigue rather than with some of its rivals. Also highlights quality finishes, materials that offer good presence and touch, especially compared with the second generation Octavia.

Finished, many options

The Scout has a unique equipment, well nourished in its endowment series, with a number of optional items. Some with very reasonable prices and other somewhat high, as the parking attendant (1,000 euros) or package bixenón headlamps and rear and diurnal led (1,040 euros). I could count on many of the latest assistance systems to driving and seen their cousins ​​Volkswagen Group MQB platform, such as automatic braking "Front Assistant" (300 euros), the fatigue detector (40 euros), the assistant Lane Keeping (390 euros), the occupant protection before impending accident (155 euros), the dynamic regulation of the light beam (195 euros), the adaptive cruise control (690 euros) and even "Driving Mode" which allows keystroke vary the throttle response, steering ... For the navigation It offers two systems: the "Amundsen" with touch screen 5.8 "as the radio fitted as standard, and" Columbus "(1,855 euros), with 8" screen, DVD player, memory 64 GB and voice control.

Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI-150 4x4Series has a number of practical solutions, the brand called "Simply Clever" as support for the Smartphone, an ice scraper after the fuel cap, portatickets on the windscreen, hooks networks, a receptacle for the reflective vest and endless drawers, drawers or surfaces to leave all kinds of objects .

A good business

although their 28,700 euros We seem somewhat high, it is certain that keeps a good price / product. The 1.6 TDI lower the final bill will allow approximately 1,910 euros -still no defined- prices but it sure does not reach the balance of this 2.0 TDI 150 hp. The discount of the current promotion is 1,950 euros-and referred to in the above- figure, which they can subtract another 1,871 if you decide to finance part of the amount to "Skoda Finance" making it even more competitive. But if we leave aside the aesthetic plane, which is almost always decisive, does little more than an Octavia Combi 4x4 1,640 euros less expensive; which mainly they justified on different bumpers, wheel, mirrors in aluminum and in an important protective for low regardless of other equipment details.

And this Scout no longer a great car, with a most beautiful latest technology and packaging, which can be completed with a varied list of options, although it is away from the ideal price. An image and exclusivity that lead to pay more, but also affect a loss of dynamism or remarkable performance, thus becoming a reasonable whim.