First Test: Skoda Superb Combi, spacious and stylish

First Test: Skoda Superb Combi, spacious and stylishFirst Test: Skoda Superb Combi, spacious and stylishFirst Test: Skoda Superb Combi, spacious and stylishFirst Test: Skoda Superb Combi, spacious and stylish

Practice Combi version Skoda Superb represented in our country more than half of sales in the Czech model, and then follow the thing with the new generation, for which Orders are accepted from late July, with deliveries scheduled for late September. Prices range from 25,970 euros for him 120 hp 1.6 TDI Active until the 43,410 of the 2.0 TDI 190 PS DSG Laurin&Klement 4X4-drive, through the 26,470 150 hp 1.4 TSI Active (With cylinder shutdown) and 29,320 of the 2.0 TDI 150 hp Ambition, the latter version that alone could approach 80 percent of total sales in Spain. Ambition above (and below the luxurious L&K) is the Style version, which costs 2,550 euros more than the Ambition. There are petrol engines for other markets, such as the 180 hp 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TSI 220 hp, or even a 1.4 TSI 125 hp; but given the polarization of Spanish demand to the TDI 150 hp is not surprising that override them at an early stage.

The new body, with 0.28 drag coefficient Cx, is interestingly a shorter than the new Superb saloon millimeters and a few millimeters higher. And, of course, it is much more attractive than the previous Superb Combi and a most accomplished interior design and printing of higher quality. Y, despite having 80 mm wheelbase and 47 mm wider, it is also significantly lighter. At its rear, the load threshold is 62 cm relative to the floor, giving vented access to a loading area, 660 liters under the covers-luggage and about two cubic meters when the rear seats are folded and filled space to the ceiling. Under the loading plane, there is a spare wheel full measure.

Skoda Superb Combi III

The floor broad trunk has 117 cm long and 1 meter wide fair. For objects or suitcases not 'dance' from one side to another in the corners, the sides of the trunk hidden elements which can be arranged at right angles (and hold firmly to the loading plane with a strong velcro) forming a delimitation subject the corners of the box or bag so they will not move unexpectedly. The rear seatbacks, by sector, can be folded down remotely from the rear of the car with a switch. If you also abate forward the right front seat back, Superb Combi one inside could carry long objects up to 3.1 meters. Under the covers-luggage cover you can equip a garment bag, and the top version also has a rechargeable LED flashlight in the trunk area. The gate is opening and closing the electric version L&K, and opened with 'virtual pedal'.

Combi functionality is completed with a width even greater interior (140 cm to shoulder height) and a longitudinal space record, without forgetting details typically Skoda (there are dozens) as umbrella respective panels arranged in front doors. The interior also is equipped with numerous storage compartments (Coolable glovebox and wide gap under the central armrest), including a drawer under the right front seat, from Ambition version. This, in addition to the many details of endowment Superb Active (Such as tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, stop&start, bluetooth, braking energy recovery, four power windows, seven airbag, differential type XDS +, Front Assist system, brake multicolisión, etc.), leads dual zone climate control, rain and light sensors, radio color screen 6.5 " fog lights curve function, bi-xenon headlamps with ledes, back to the car park and 17 "wheels help. The Style versions and L&K added various other details such as Alcantara upholstery or cuero, seats or electrically adjustable rearview mirror anti-glare; but interestingly your options do not include Head-up display to project essential information in the field of vision of the driver. Superb L&K, as well as their llaSWTR 18 ", navigator, special sound with 12 speakers Canton, sunroof and adaptive lighting in their bi-xenon headlamps, is the only one with which no supplement for damping Piloted DCC, very convenient to round out the dynamic attitude of this car tacking device is paid areas. As for connectivity, the Superb Combi offers various possibilities, standard or optional.

Skoda Superb Combi III

The most powerful TDI Spain mechanical version 2.0, 190 hp, also it exists in front wheel drive with manual gearbox in termination Ambition (from 31,320 euros), and determines course an excellent level of performance. But TDI 150 hp already it offers a remarkable verve and highlights consumption, Spanish justifying preferences. As for the 1.4 TSI 150 hp with disconnection of cylinders, its elasticity is not expected and no long strip of developments bravely change to low and medium engine speeds, even if it turns up, just the CV appearing.