Tesla Model X P90D: SUV proof “other” planet

Tesla Model X P90D, SUVperespecialTesla Model X P90D, SUVperespecialTesla Model X P90D, SUVperespecialTesla Model X P90D, SUVperespecial

The Tesla Model X confirms all the prejudices. Those who believe that the electric cars Are the future, manufacturers of conventional cars are reactionaries that slow progress and Elon Musk -physical and entrepreneur cofounder of PayPal, Hyperloop ... and Tesla Motors is a visionary, have here an argument in their favor as much as those who believe in Silicon Valley are so adept at reinventing the car to get a new smartphone.

There is no single valid position on the Tesla Model X, but with this exclusive test we can offer data that you'll appreciate it. One thing is clear: the X It is an awesome car, but not only by 131,300 euros it costs, the 539 CV which develops, its opening doors gullwing, his touch screen Vertical 17 inch their updates techniques radio and its enormous capacity for illusion (though that too). As in all X, an electric motor drives the front and rear axle, so that the Tesla Four-wheel drive.

Tesla Model X, how soul minivan?

All doors They are electric and, depending on the configuration, They open as he approached the driver. In small parking spaces or garages, as a precaution, just do it halfway. If the driver lifts them all, the electronic system it aims, and if he returns to park on the same site, automatically opens them completely. What is indisputable is that It allowed to enter the back without any problems. There are three comfortable individual seats, all adjustable in length electric mode, with no option but to fold. Who protested, because this is no way to take home a ultra large flat screen TV, you have to consider that the most likely customers Model X already have at home for some time, and probably occupy a whole wall.

Tesla Model X insideAlso worth mentioning that in the two folding seats in the third row adults can be accommodated without major discomfort, while better over short distances, and when they are seven occupants in the car, there is still room for luggage, because under the front hood no engine, but a trunk of 187 liters.

The driver's door closes automatically when you step on the brake (or, if you prefer, using the touch screen, like the other doors). The great feeling of space is due both to the panoramic windscreen as the cabin is empty because the X It concentrates almost all its functions on the touch screen. Not even a separate switch lights, but LED lights are controlled by sensors. It takes a while to set all menus, and even when you have practice, the control system is capable of distracting enough. On the other hand, the screen Touch works great and reacts very quickly. In addition, the vertical screen offers Google Maps and traffic data in real time. If we count how many drivers are always looking for that information on their mobile phones, it is the logical thing is to have fully integrated these functions in the car. However, the finished They are somewhat peculiar or, put another way, very substandard quality of its rivals premium... (e-tron Audi Q7, BMW X5 and Volvo XC90 T8 40e among others) and even generalists. The Tesla prepares to start as soon as you feel. Select the position "D" selector, from Mercedes (as a multifunction lever genuine antique exists since 1975). The indicator It promises 375 km of autonomy, which at the end of the day will be 346 with some moderation. That's enough to travel. In half an hour, fast charging station is able to introduce into the battery from Ion from 400 volts the energy needed to travel 270 km. We get the belt, lift the foot off the brake and X begins to move silently.

Tesla Model X, but is it an SUV?

Like all SUV five meters, It travels around town with some awkwardness. From this moment it is possible to activate the autopilot (which in our test car is available in its former version 7.1). It maintains the distance, braking, cornering speeds and makes automatically. The only problem is that one does not always where you want. When the X treads solid lines, turning lanes incorporates your path or you scroll half a centimeter away from parked cars, the feeling that gives one is that there was a driver with driving license just removed. Occasionally, the system asks you to keep your hands on the steering wheel, but the Model X continues to lead if you do nothing. Highway things change completely and autopilot works perfectly.

Tesla Model XHowever, driving oneself, even in a car as futuristic as the Tesla Model X, is much more pleasant. Always kept safe and has a excellent traction, but because of its high weight 2,547 kg measured in our báscula-, and conception, you lack precision, tending to understeer that clearly opens the drawn in curves. Here it is shown that is not so easy to skip blow decades of experience in steering and chassis adjustments. The address Tesla is artificial and provides much less information, but mostly accurate, that models like the Audi Q7 or the BMW X5.

Tesla Model X, accelerating as the Millennium Falcon

With wheels 22 inches, the air suspension reacts sharply to small irregularities. Moreover, it provides great driving comfort, which also contributes to its low noise level. impresses the uninterruptible power with which rushes forward. Traffic lights when leaving the impression that you go out the back navel. Even on motorways, 180 km / h, we recommend tightening the neck muscles before stepping on the accelerator.

In our test track. Change drive mode of "Sport" to "ludicrous", that is to say, "Absurd" (For the modest sum of 10,900 euros). We step on the accelerator. In a combustion engine, it should now open throttle valves and actuated control valves, air and fuel ignite, push plungers down, make rotate a crankshaft gear and order until the force were to the wheels. The development of the power of X, however, functions as a light bulb switch: you press it, and go. The impressive thing is not the 4.2 seconds the Tesla takes to reach 100 km / h, but the immediacy with which it does. It gives you the feeling of having gotten hit on a running AVE.

After two or three accelerations, the X becomes less intense. Fans cool the electrical system, and during the measurement paths consumption increases while the battery stays dry after 100 kilometers; away from those 26.9 KWh / 100 km.

Tesla has opened a way that traditional brands are still exploring. In favor: It is a fully usable car, no sense of prototype; Against: that It does not have the accuracy dynamic who has spent many years making cars. The whole car revolves around connectivity, although its infoentretenimeinto system requires a good period of adaptation / learning to take advantage of its immense possibilities.

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