SUV Comparison: Q2 Audi, Mercedes and Mini Countryman GLA

The new Audi Q2, compared to Mercedes GLA and the Mini CountrymanThe new Audi Q2, compared to Mercedes GLA and the Mini CountrymanThe new Audi Q2, compared to Mercedes GLA and the Mini CountrymanThe new Audi Q2, compared to Mercedes GLA and the Mini Countryman

Yes, we have not wrong: the Mercedes GLA (the link You will see range and prices) Is another league, plays in a higher category... But you've uploaded to this Compact SUV of 4.42 meters of length? We will not detract the Mercedes car apparently I todocamino less than the very Audi Q3 or BMW X1, but its main weakness is precisely the main strength of the new Audi Q2 (the link You will see range and prices) We already have with us: space aboard. Or rather, the relationship between habitability and exterior size.

Q2 Audi, Mercedes and Mini Countryman GLA: space

No, you do not see in this case the smaller Audi Q2 (4.19 meters length) as a decline A1 small, but the larger A3, model exactly 3 doors, which floorpan and battle, although even body design gains height in the rear seats and cargo capacity: their 405 liters of trunk theoretical exceed the official figure of that Audi A3. Yes, actually, is not gold that glitters, because the volume promised by Audi seems also account for the space beneath the floor, usable or not according to the fifth wheel is hidden there: the actual volume we notice is around 300 liters.

But also the 421 liters promised by the Mercedes GLA remain in practice 340 real, but installing the option -Regulation load compartment respaldos- tilt, earn some extra liter supposed to get out of trouble. The Mini Countryman (the link you will see range and prices) meanwhile is Theoretical great rival of Audi Q2 (measure 4.11 meters long) And the only one that provides, under option, sliding rear seats 13 cm, can configure the trunk between 385 and 490 liters of cargo! In the latter case, yes virtually disabling the rear seats: three theoretical and two in practice under his real 130 cm wide, although we must recognize the Mini Countryman, the smallest of the three, its versatility. Either way, five passengers are all these SUV crowd.

Audi Q2 spaceBut once sitting inside, You have in the Audi Q2 more sense of relief even in the Mercedes GLA, whose good vertical dimension back has been achieved at the cost of relatively low height seats for an SUV; posture requires more space in the longitudinal direction. That's one of the strategies followed by Q2 to gain relief: posture "dominant" also back, although perhaps excessively vertical backrests.

Q2 Audi, Mercedes and Mini Countryman GLA: Chassis

Remember this confrontation that, in the case of Mini Countryman, we are facing an SUV updated in 2014 on the generation of 2010. Not used, therefore the UKL platform of the latest new Mini or BMW, or its three-cylinder engines that already use other models of the group. Audi, meanwhile, has the MQB platform foundation VW Group, and not only structurally, but also in its electrical architecture, which results in the implementation of Audi Virtual Cockpit digital on the dashboard, assistant semi-automatic parking, active radar with function assistant driving jam, besides being the latest in connectivity thanks to its card e-SIM integrated, not physical: Audi wants to be leader providing real-time information.

But also distinguish the new Audi Q2, as per chassis, shock absorbers of varying hardness, Mini Countryman incompatible in today -yes they offer other Mini articulated on that basis UKL- not available in the Mercedes GLA. In return, Mercedes SUV offers three suspension setups altering not only adjustments but also ground clearance: regarding the Comfort serial, the Sporty It is firmer and cut in 15 mm ground clearance; the Off-Road adds, however, 30 mm in height, leaving the Mercedes GLA to 164 total soil cm, more than the other two models, although both one alternative, provided relative to the standard damping, has its side effects: too low, or too flexible to roll. You can also have control of declines, but beware, here no model stands out precisely for their off-road skills, but about him.

Q2 Audi, Mercedes and Mini Countryman GLA: Roadside

Time to get going we just talked about taking advantage of suspensions. With the advent of the latest generation of Mini Clubman, we have a genuine Mini compact model with cross references. And though Mini has always been "for free", offering funny, agile, effective and even quirky feel of driving, the new generations are losing their models in a way that spell in exchange for improved exponentially in refinement and ride quality. Yes, This Mini Countryman belongs to the most authentic era Mini, where man-machine connection was more noticeable than today. Is a car so firm and fast steering, which takes no ostentation of movement and able to roll very fast between curves.

Audi Q2 and rivalsHere, among the three cars, there clearly two ends. One is the Mini.... and the other is Mercedes. She needed to cross references with compact "the use" each brand primarily used to address this Mercedes GLA technically derived from Class A, but 12 centimeters more. And it is that your chassis and suspension are one true gift for convenience For me, weak current Class A amortiguación- dry point, is that the fan You can not enjoy from as agile as reactions it offers the Mini Countryman Or like Mercedes Class A- himself not as neutral as the new Audi Q2, whose behavior and feel retains almost, almost-not conceals more electronic intrusion when the same pace High- main lines of Audi A3 prints derived : soaring balance, efficiency and sense of security.

Not exactly a lightweight this Audi Q2, and today this Diesel mechanical configuration (2.0 TDI 150 hp and traction Quattro), But greatly helps to feel as such address variable radius, standard throughout the range. It is also remarkable the Q2 comfort level, I would say that even unusual in cars of this size: Verified by our own measurements, matching in decibels in the front seats the very sound of Mercedes GLA, Always reference.

Q2 Audi, Mercedes and Mini Countryman GLA: engines

Audi is starting with Q2, no doubt, but it has a huge range but has not yet made official prices and performance data and consumption of most of the engines. With the exception of smaller engines -Tricilíndrico 1.0 TFSI gasoline and diesel 1.6 TDI- offers all-wheel drive on its other three engines range, five in total that will go further along 2017. Against the sIETE alternatives offered by the Mini Countryman, the Mercedes GLA limits it to four, 45 AMG sports discounting. Its thrusters offer, with only two possible combinations with all-wheel drive 4Matic ... at least for the Spanish market: 250 petrol and diesel 220d. In the case of the 200d now we have (136 hp Y 7G-DCT 7 speed), Its larger displacement (2,143 cm3) Does not imply increased power and torque of this group of proven, motors but quite the opposite, but despite moving the larger body, compensates for the versatility it offers all-wheel drive rivals with better consumption and even with a similar performance the Mini Cooper SD Countryman All4 (143 hp) with his explosive two-liter engine -for occasion associated with manually change.

It is however the Audi Q2 who does make note here 2.0 liter TDI engine that seems to have more will and stuck to what has demonstrated recently in VW Tiguan, Seat Ateca and other models that use it. Against the Mini Countryman, it also shows something more refined, while gearbox also automatic S-Tronic dual clutch 7 gears It is clearly faster the equivalent of Mercedes GLA; another example of that balance manifests this new Audi Q2 in virtually every aspect. It remains to be seen what role do the smaller and less powerful engines, more urban vocation that this 2.0 TDi, but what seems clear, for the kilometers we have accumulated in it, is that Audi seems to have done, and well, the homework.

Luxury SUVComparative, in key


Direct labeling to Mini price for the Audi Q2, also willing to put you in a bind its own range: the price difference between Q2 and A3 Sportback equivalent will be anecdotal. And you, which one would you choose? Speaking of price, the Mercedes GLA makes it clear that playing in another category. It costs significantly more than the other two rivals, and also more than a Class A equivalent, in the case of engine tested, 2,800 euros more. The most advantageous is therefore the Mini Countryman .... if your question is between compact or SUV in the brand: so it costs the most modern Clubman you can buy a Countryman with full including traction.


Good level more complete Audi Q2 habitability, quality, equipment, sound, liking of use, visibility or suspension comfort. He Mercedes GLA, meanwhile, will not draw inside breast size, but it is a Mercedes authentic, high wheeler, very quiet and, above all, comfortable and refined. The car with more character of the lot is the mini Countryman, not uncomfortable, but with which plus "connected" you will feel the asphalt. Good qualities, but surpassed by Audi and Mercedes GLA Q2.


He Audi Q2 It offers from progressive steering radius to variable damping adjustment. It is the last to arrive, and noted for its superiority. For 4x2, torsional axis. 4x4 offer a fast and efficient all-wheel drive. He Mercedes GLA derived from Class A, with wide battle and roads. It shows in aplomb, but your settings and tuning not allow you to be as agile as the Audi Q2 and Mini. He Countryman, yes, it is still a generation behind the new Mini standard without its renewed platform or automatic gearboxes 8 gears of the Clubman, but still authentic, fun and effective.

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