SQ7 Audi TDI, we tried the most impressive SUV Diesel

SQ7 Audi TDI, drive the most powerful diesel SUVSQ7 Audi TDI, drive the most powerful diesel SUVSQ7 Audi TDI, drive the most powerful diesel SUVSQ7 Audi TDI, drive the most powerful diesel SUV

For the amount of technology that takes the Audi TDI SQ7 it almost seems that to be a concept car. Only by name (and price, 110,970 €), It is clear that it is the top version the Audi Q7, the fastest and sports, but the really interesting is not so much their dynamic performance and efficiency, but how to get them.

He Audi SQ7 launches a secondary power supply 48 volt, whose compact lithium-ion battery is located in under the trunk. What is ?, you ask. With it he feeds a electric compressor (The famous electric turbo) and a system active stabilizer bars driven electromechanically, which they are its two major innovations. If we add the four-wheel drive Smart deal, air suspension adaptive variable height, four-wheel steering, a Vector rear differential and the ceramic brakes, This is one of the most complex racks and more likely many are made. Audi has spared no resources when creating this 'Super SUV' for those looking for a type of customer that values technology above all.

SQ7 Audi TDI biturbo engine and electric compressor

However, the true protagonist of Audi TDI SQ7 It is the engine. Although part of the basis of the existing V8 TDI, we could say that is an unprecedented mechanics, because we have a genuine watchmaker work for its complexity and performance values. His 3,956 cm3 They are achieved extract 435 hp and a huge maximum torque from 91.8 mkg, that is available from just 1,000 rpm and up to 3250 rpm. Said electric compressor is responsible for this feat, since during the first few laps of the motor-and for up to 10 seconds compressed air insufflated main supercharging system consisting of two turbochargers of the same size and of variable geometry able to operate sequentially (first one, while the other remains inactive) and parallel (the two together when the 2nd turbo starts operating from 2250 to 2750 rpm, without the first turbo stops). The power delivery is very linear and immediate, with great strength to any regime, despite not having the rage of a gasoline engine in the upper area of ​​cuentavueltas. At 3,000 rpm a strong increase in power that corresponds with the entry into operation of the second turbo note, hits you against the seat and comes up is when all the mechanical strength of SQ7 Audi TDI, that shows very fast although its dimensions.

Audi TDI SQ7He Audi TDI SQ7 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds and reaches 250 km / h (Self-limited). All standardizing an average consumption of 7.2 l / 100 km, equating to CO2 emissions of 194 g / km.

To amplify sportiness, tailpipes in both one-a kind of device is installed Speaker-resonator- what modifies the engine sound if the driver selects the Dynamic mode, causing the propeller V8 4 liter Remind typical 'Muscle cars' Americans when you are listening from outside the car. Without this system, the engine is barely audible and inside the luxurious interior silence reigns.

both attendees driving (24 sets in total) Like the driving modes (Lift / offroad, Allroad, Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual) They are the same as in the conventional Audi Q7. The most surprising is that even in the way Dynamic, which is stronger, it achieves a high ride comfort, and that leading sports fashion the car turns almost flat and with very little understeer, with a speed of passage through a curve improper SUV. Until we surpass the limits of the frame no suspicion weight behind, as inertias camouflages very effectively and immediacy of reactions is remarkable. The combination of so many focused on dynamic efficiency systems running at the same time, far from making driving is artificial, they take off work and get a high precision at all times, with very neutral reactions and easy even when you go into the threshold limit of tire grip. It is therefore a worthy representative of the family S from Audi, keeping all practicality, space and advanced equipment we can find in the range Audi Q7.

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