Test: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 DDiS, is the best anti-Qashqai?

Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 DDiSSuzuki S-Cross 1.6 DDiSSuzuki S-Cross 1.6 DDiSSuzuki S-Cross 1.6 DDiS

He wants to be ... and also be seen. Its rear and profile reminiscent to selling Nissan. And there is no doubt that in his book style He has taken into account the first Qashqai. It's even a little more softly to get a little closer to the philosophy of compact, and almost as wide. But better start at the beginning. Forget, for the moment, to call Suzuki SX4... more you read the initials engraved on the gate or on the mats. First, because while living with the current SX4 (something we confirm occur one year minimum) Suzuki proposed in our market his middle name S-Cross. And second ... because in reality It has nothing to do with that other SX4 we already know. But nothing. If that reinvented the category of small SUVs born long before the Nissan Juke, the new S-Cross Suzuki a big step up to storm and the middle segment. That is, the new Nissan Qashqai.

The new platform Suzuki S-Cross, in fact, is completely new, and this time neither is a collaboration with Fiat, or derive as before the SX4 to an Italian twin brother. Yes the share exchange the next generation Suzuki Grand Vitara, also confirming the new jump step. Of course, with an almost opposite approach. And, if the jacket tradition Suzuki will remain firm at the roughest Vitara (even with reduction in the range), the new S-Cross is confirmed as 4x4 bet more civilized, not only because of the brand, but also of the entire category.

True, the new Suzuki S-Cross can mount an advanced and efficient system AWD evolved from the utility Swift, but even he lost headroom and up to 3 centimeters damping travel to the small current SX4. Moreover, in its segment, Suzuki Cross-S is the least distance and raises the floor next to Mitsubishi ASX (Short 170 mm in height), and which provides less flexibility suspension. Even his frame amazes me soon on the road with a firm point made, SUV almost GTi, ensuring good grip body and a great feel of driving, without compromising much higher overall comfort. So if you believe find in this Suzuki S-Cross spirit Suzuki off road (which goes back to 45 years ago with the first Jimny / Samurai), changes the chip. Sends the market today.

Test Suzuki SX4 S-Cross¿SUV or half SUV?

You may already sound so too repetitive to mention anti-Qashqai each time you hit another medium SUV; but this time, yes. The Suzuki S-Cross is the car closest to the concept introduced by Nissan. Radicalizing even further, because if you always cost classify the Qashqai compact SUV from Suzuki now doubles bet. With 4.30 meters and long (Up to 15 cm than the current SX4), the S-Cross cut almost 2 cm height of a Qashqai ... which was already the lowest in the entire segment. Does not reach a family compact, which rises four inches, but if you feel the wheel of the S-Cross be closer to tourism, though its forms, the roof bars or Pans suggest an image very SUV. And although, boarded the elevator, transmission, chassis or anchors also convey this solidity and sturdiness of typical Suzuki.

Once inside, the Suzuki S-Cross offers very good atmosphere ... and maximum correction. It may not dazzle, but appreciate that Japanese guarantee execution of, for example, good Toyota. Always, yes, without departing from the script. There are fluffy little plastic, but high quality and adjustments. It has many holes, but no drawers or double glove boxes for more familiar nod. And shows good compact space in two rows of seats (Except for a limited rear headroom), but far from the modularity approach him as a rival, the minivan segment. Defects? Few. Perhaps the uncomfortable switch instrumentation for the trip computer (when instead count to 14 buttons on the steering wheel), and also that the passenger compartment floor is well below the door frame when enter / exit. For posture, ergonomic seats or trunk are of note, this even the largest segment and variable floor height: 470 liters, which can be increased to 830 by folding the rear row.

The SUV that spends less

Do not expect the Suzuki S-Cross advanced facilities. Very complete, yes, but unsophisticating beyond the panoramic roof (the first in the world with two sliding glass panels) or the rear chamber. However it does have a Diesel engine far advanced, the only alternative to gasoline VVT, also 1.6 liters and 120 CV. Fiat origin (JTD Multijet known), this 1.6 DDiS has new injection, electronics and peripherals, and is much better than before. Well without getting longer even at 1,500 rpm, then it may not overreach nor appropriate to spend almost 3,000 laps; but neither need: It is the fastest segment overtaking.

Test Suzuki SX4 S-CrossWith tight developments (by the way, what good touch of change) and long par from below, is so fast enough, above all, very economical. And is that, with good aerodynamics and another great added value (its very low weight), he Suzuki Cross-S is the least consuming segment, with spending on road neither reach the 5 l / 100 km, and quite content can be further improved city where riding a Stop / Start that, incomprehensibly, Suzuki charges 400 €. And it is that he says, with its new platform, this Suzuki S-Cross cut nearly 250 kg Qashqai and 200 to a smaller Opel Mokka. Surprising as half cut between 100 and 200 kg all rivals. In addition, regarding the origin acclaimed 1.6 dCi Renault QASHQAI itself, its 1.6 DDiS shows better response and lower cold regime, although more loudness, in any case never too upset.

With these wickers, the answer highway Suzuki S-Cross could only be as good as its motor. extremely light, low height to reduce inertia and the usual SUV rolling around in braces, the chassis rigidity commented ... it almost seems a good compact, very seated in the tread and fast cornering her. Alone the direction of tune the great overall feeling, showing quite slow and without informing paths too. Y nor their braking distances are best category. A review for future developments.

At this point, all-wheel drive for home with this S-Cross concept? It may monopolize less than 20 percent of sales, but for me yes. his All Grip 4WD (Composed of a multidisk clutch oil bath) works really well. If you look in a hurry in the field, puts the Snow modes or Lock forever circular permanent four wheel drive and also adapt the ESP; but party should take for safety when driving on wet or snow with a Auto mode usually as 4x2 works until your wheels spin and connects the rear. And even, you feel you earn enough agility in a new Sport mode, which opens not only a direct reaction accelerator, but also sending more torque to the rear axle, inducing better turns. and you will have a Suzuki S-Cross therefore still more nerve to attack an average SUV segment where, too, will compete on price. Although less it equipped and perhaps less cars, Suzuki S-Cross is now cheaper than the 2nd generation Nissan Qashqai. And even lowers the price of the second best-selling (the Hyundai ix35) in most of its versions. We are thus a very complete car.