Ford Mustang Convertible 5.0 V8 convertible galloping mode

Ford Mustang convertible V8 in picturesFord Mustang convertible V8 in picturesFord Mustang convertible V8 in picturesFord Mustang convertible V8 in pictures

Fortunately the new Ford Mustang just change its image and always approach, not its dimensions but it is a car more suited to the times and it is no wonder that the signing of the oval has decided to market it in Europe.

For this Ford Mustang Convertible 5.0 V8, their controls vision that you have is that the nose never ends. The car is very big but handled more easily than it looks in city traffic, among other things thanks to a high enough position to control, allowing a fairly acceptable visibility. Despite its huge size, its driving in these circumstances it is pretty nice. Not surprisingly, the power-assisted steering is very light in the City mode, the engine is smooth in its response and is always willing to push forcefully while changing gears is very accurate, fast and managed to blow doll.

The Ford Mustang is available with the usual 5 liter V8 atmospheric conveniently updated, also with a new four-cylinder 2.3 liter turbo EcoBoost. For the occasion, we have chosen the most powerful engine, also convertible body, certainly the most entertaining and attractive. In this regard it should be noted that the latter has soft top electric drive Semiautomatic, fairly easy to use and offers a perfect fit. Although the trunk passes of 408-332 liters habitability inside is the same as in the closed version, where one encounters a the rear seats are quite acceptable, while at least the front seats do not slide too far back.

The motor of the Ford Mustang Convertible V8 Not only sounds great, also it offers a captivating performance; responds with an impressive consistency and especially low midrange, while high stretch easily to 6,500 rpm which is the rate at which they get the 421 CV declared by the manufacturer. In addition, torque figures are developing very high throughout the rev range, allowing you to pull some developments to box long enough changes, especially in sixth gear that with a reduction ratio of 55.7 km / h per 1000 rpm, is designed to save some gasoline when stabilized wheel highway speed.

Ford Mustang V8 ConvertibleHe Ford Mustang Convertible V8 It is a very fast car when road wheel. The fastest paths are his favorite territory, where you can also enjoy a comfort quite high and unusual among sports race, as suspensions digested quite effectively irregularities firm. Special mention to the rear, since the new multilink scheme is much more effective than rigid axle vetusto riding the model of the previous generation. Surprising how well Ford Mustang it relies on curves and that in this version Convertible has opted for morons relatively soft suspension, which determines a teeter quite pronounced in the most violent supporters. Still, the American sports spectacular It transmits a lot of confidence and is quite manageable even the most winding roads, where its weight and huge dimensions do not seem to affect him too. The feeling behind the wheel is not to be driving a sports car race, at least for the standards that we in Europe are moving. It's like driving a ship, however, it operates with great ease; Not surprisingly, the engine thrust is very consistent at all times and the car serves quite accurately and obedience to the suggestions that are made with the wheel. Yes, the Ford Mustang Convertible V8 It is pretty down on curves, more than desirable, but still the supports are firm and fairly well maintained path.

Although many horses and tame enough to hold the kilos, progressivity and nobility is the dominant note at all times when shooting at maximum. The front axle is very compliant, while the rear tends to creep when one exceeds the gas pedal, but the reactions are very predictable and horses are dosed very well, while brakes are potent and support without question the most demanding treatment. Progressivity of reactions is complete and although sign-off the driving aids, the system is always in alert phase to take action and prevent the situation "desmadre" in excess. It is not surprising that the Mustang result fun and easy to drive, while its effectiveness can be described as remarkable.

He Ford Mustang V8 Convertible It has a very complete equipment series, but can be mounted € 2,700 Premium Package which includes among other wheels 19 ", stereo speakers twelve, parking assistance system, browser, heated and ventilated seats, etc. The seats can also be replaced by Recaro sports a design that cost 1,900 €, being this one of the most interesting options. With all this, the final bill is less than € 55,000, although it must be borne in mind that for less than € 40,000 we can have a Mustang in the garage. Now the American dream can be available to many.