Comparison: BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTD

Comparison: BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTDComparison: BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTDComparison: BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTDComparison: BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTD

Take pen and paper because If you want to make yourself a 120d image and likeness of a Golf GTD you can not neglect a couple of details. Yes, I mean several options make the standard very fast 120d in this case, with automatic transmission, as their rival in a true sports. I think it's one of the hot spots in the face of Purchase: BMW model you have, say, Chassis set level. You might see some advantage in it, but the fact remains that in Golf GTD, VW can sign the two roles at once. Extremely comfortable compact even with 18-inch wheel origin, delicious change, engine or finished and together I would recommend a car even who does not seek a sporting purpose, although it is clear that this role the best makes another Golf or the same as BMW 120d comes in origin.

BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTD

120d would therefore the shoe, with at least 17 inch rim section -misma wheel on the ground that Golf 18"- variable direction and sport suspension such as the Golf, also you have one of pilotado- type. The handicap is that ceases to be an extremely comfortable car to become something dry, far more than the GTD in any situation, but nevertheless one other car and enjoy excellent ratings to be considered above all compromise achieved between quality of bacheo and damping -or comfort to accounts- and sportiness and performance that store two cars like these.

Lying if even as conducirías to go to work, I told you that two drops of water. Just as warning to more reactive BMW front axle, small bumps gas in place and right time can give your body that extra vidilla you need to cheer a little morning, thing the "gentrified" Golf is not able to offer more than the thrust of the engine is devastating, and that also worth its weight in gold because I think throughout your life will shift to more situations than "pilotage".

BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTD

But when you have to go to more, as much common sense to be able to assimilate, it is when they begin to really marked differences. Tiralíneas which, with GTD never have that feeling of having done things wrong... or very bad, because it always has resources to make you believe much better than you are. Everything becomes easy, excellent brakes to stop there or even before where you had had your eye, flat turn toward the apex and gas without contemplation, the better. Yes, even with less capacity guideline, large front train you fully trust that also is an ace up his sleeve: a good self-locking electronic differential exercise which minimizes understeer and helps close the turn.

Very high speed cornering assimilates this Golf, almost without risk jolts because electronics is latent -no total disconnection of aid- and it is very difficult to draw the Golf GTD from their boxes. A, B, C ...; A, B, C ... If you want, you never leave that same sequence, but with a DSG version with practically just accelerate, turn and slow down. I surrender to its effectiveness, its driveability. Calcaria bet that every lap times on a circuit very demanding it ... For me it is an added value, but sometimes ... Do not you give up so effectively for a little more excitement?

Then comes the 120d offer just that. But always in exchange for a little-or a lot, depending on your hands- more concentration and tension. Much has changed the 1 Series in this new generation, able to roll with the aplomb of a much larger car, but its configuration, its weight distribution, its tuning and design, 120d requires more rigor and discipline to drive fast, more so when more braking hurry before you pretend accelerate or higher the speed at which you pretend to go through curve. And if not, you can get to see maybe unsaturated, but stressed and even blushing because he not have been able to cheat and you'll make it known clearly that you are not thin and you start to roll over your limits. Only thus driving the fluid emerges that the 120d is also able to give to feel very safe driving very fast.

BMW 120d vs Volkswagen Golf GTD

If you've already accomplished, you should not worry about your driving propulsion: its ability to drive optimum asphalt is higher than the engine's ability to easily break the bond, unless you look the way that slippage or not be able to read field, but there is always something more than a certain hint that assists in rotation. Two worlds, of course. I have clear what I like to me that I do not need nor a circuit or a road curves to have a good time at the wheel, but whenever I get on a Golf GTI or GTD just succumbing before the facilities that puts me .

And your engines? No greater mechanical equality provision although always tips the balance in favor of the same car, the Golf -always talking about décimas-, perhaps because their gearboxes are not focused in the same direction. Magnificent work both in racking gear, the smoothness and even in performance under a very sporty requirement, but I see unnecessary manage eight gears in an engine with the power and range of use of the 120d, with jumps between short relationships almost imperceptible but steal time and energy, but its eighth relationship at least will allow long-term cruises at ease with minimal mechanical fatigue, Also something to consider because, as I say, the reality is not a circuit.

Acceleration. up to 4 marches must put the 120d Steptronic to reach 100 km / h, more than his rival, though the VW really uncheck the first few meters ... The more explosive 2.0 TDi engine, it is not the only key .

Brakes. Almost 7 m apart mounting the optional equipment BMW 17"Because remember that the series is mounted "simple" 205/16. In the Golf there is much more steel. Their distances are exceptional.

Sonority. Bad ear, because I did not notice that difference that reveals the sound level meter. Beautiful sound "optional" GTD, but only from outside. While TDi makes me louder than BMW, which rolls more filed.

Recovery. Ágiles. A heel strike fall in a trice as many marches are the result of its excellent automatic transmissions necessary. Again, slight difference in favor of GTD, another proof that your engine is prestacionalmente superior.

Engines. They seem copies, but there are nuances. Below, is somewhat better golf because scale more evenly, which gives elasticity foolproof. Up, blunts the BMW spirit with greater stretched that change is not always going to take advantage.

"Ferodo" vs oil. Perhaps the biggest converter viscous losses penalize the BMW in town. On the road, its 65 km / h in eighth gear they can compensate for the GTD approach.

Trunk less than average. It is the handicap both for family use. Behind closed doors, more resources in the VW car. Práctricamente weights traced but through a very different cast.