Test: BMW 220d Cabrio 190, pleasure uncovered

Test: BMW 220d Cabrio 190Test: BMW 220d Cabrio 190Test: BMW 220d Cabrio 190Test: BMW 220d Cabrio 190

The world is changing at breakneck speed. BMW stole all his fame based models emphasize very sportsmanlike conduct, and his sphinx, M3, as imaging engine. Today, these models still have their importance in sales, but others very different have come to occupy increasingly prominent spaces. This 220d Cabrio falls into this category, at a time like the present, where maximizing the dynamic potential of any BMW we can bring unwanted places, including deprivation of liberty.

BMW 220d Cabrio 190

Derived from the Coupé version of Series 2, this Cabrio stands out for aesthetic appeal and with the tendency to the disappearance of the concepts of 'cabrio metal roof "by a electrically operated soft top. Convertible to transform into the closed model, and vice versa, the system only takes 20 seconds-a discrete time away from Records- to introduce the hood in the trunk, provided we have taken care to place a piece in a specific position inside the trunk, to separate objects and folded hood. Driving the hood it can be made up to 50 km / h, interesting possibility as a surprise downpour may make it necessary. The cabin gets us surprise, with the usual BMW design, with few changes, it will already becoming a classic. Commercial acceptance, however, shows the correctness of his immobility. In its center 6.5 inches screen appears that by a premium of 2,385 euros can become another 8.8 inches, which brings an advanced navigation system, a hard drive and a DVD.

The ergonomics of the driving position is also not surprising in the brand, highlighting its suitability for any taste we have. What follows is like us without selection system height of the sidewalk, forcing levitate over the seat to allow elevation. Nor is carried with the latest trends from other brands, feel the change of command, especially to insert reverse gear requires significant effort. Comfort is remarkable both for the seat design and the degree of flexibility of the suspension, nothing radical.

This version weighs about 150 kilograms more than his brother Coupé, not only by the folding system of the hood but also for the reinforcements installed in the chassis. These very effective with the roof is deployed, when it can move with similar vibrations and noise level that the metal roof model, but still appear on the windshield when vibrations without it move through asphalt is not completely smooth.

BMW 220d Cabrio 190


The mechanical part leads us to see, again, that almost everything BMW is a dynamic vehicle itself. Although it not reached our bank the homologated power, with almost 183 hp This 220d Cabrio "runs that the pela". Its frame allows negotiate curves without excessive slowdown in the march. Since, moreover, the engine has an excellent elasticity, recovering smoothly from about 1,300 rpm in any ratio, driving is very pleasant, either walk or draining gears. It is, in itself, a model that can be split into two, because you can enjoy it as a coupe without radicalism or as perfect convertible.