BMW 3 Series against Audi A4

BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, facedBMW 3 Series and Audi A4, facedBMW 3 Series and Audi A4, facedBMW 3 Series and Audi A4, faced

Although it does not seem to judge by his appearance continuista, the Audi A4 is a completely new car. Compared to its predecessor, only touch manual transmission remains the same, but without entirely losing its typical character, the rest of the car has changed completely. Meanwhile, BMW has renewed its 3 Series has added new more efficient and powerful engines -including some tricilíndrico-, and he added technology, but the car remains the same. Change the steering and suspension make their behavior has evolved and is more homogeneous, yet balancing more comfort and efficiency. In the case of manual models, it has implemented a new feature that automatically gives a blow gas reductions, putting maneuvers heel tip dual clutch accessible to any user, which makes clear that sportsmanship remains one of the priorities of the BMW 3 Series. As for the automatic transmission, the BMW 3 Series is still committed to the box 8-speed torque converter so successful that keeps on giving, as its operation fits like a glove to all types of driving while providing much comfort. Audi uses a box of this kind in the most powerful engines of A4, but in the rest of the range is extending its S tronic dual clutch, whose new generation debuts in the Audi A4 and it provides a very fast and so smooth running that hardly miss a change of torque converter. In another vein, Audi A4 uses the same modular architecture of the Q7, which takes up 30 attendees driving and security, which is at the forefront of the segment in this section.

Dynamically, we found marked differences that define the personality of each. With a rolling quality master and very low noise level, the new Audi A4 brand references comfort. Noise and vibration are better insulated than the BMW, especially in the case of diesel. And while we squeeze the juice from its frame, Audi A4 noticeable lighter than the BMW 3 Series and very agile (At least the adaptive dampers which we tested), but with a direction that neither informs nor provides the necessary to have a natural, safe touch on the V6 Diesel weight. Optionally it can be activated, like the rear differential in the case of sport quattro models, However, as a driver you feel too disconnected from the road. Nonetheless, "Flying" the curves at full efficiency, supported by electronic aids that help matters at all times without being noticed too. It would be completely round if not set by the management, which, despite everything, is very accurate. Faced with a pure amazing efficiency and ease of driving, the BMW 3aporta touch drive models, which always it has something special and makes you feel protagonist driving.