Mercedes-AMG GT GT3: we squeeze a star racing

Mercedes-AMG GT test GT3Mercedes-AMG GT test GT3Mercedes-AMG GT test GT3Mercedes-AMG GT test GT3

A stunning car design that promises great emotions, we have to try us Mercedes-AMG GT GT3, ie the GT racing. The boot order responds the deep roar of the 8-cylinder engine. with its aspirated, maybe the 6.3 liters imposed some respect to San Pedro: over the next nine laps, the track 4.2 kilometers is saved from the Italian rain. The GT3 racing version of the Mercedes-AMG GT It is ready for our exclusive test circuit.

Mercedes-AMG GT GT3: Glorious atmospheric

while the 8-cylinder engine atmospheric glorious V It is approaching to its working temperature, Thomas Jäger closed from outside the Light door carbon fiber. The gull-wing door SLS are history. "At first, the change drivers, I always gave in his head, so he was accustomed to the gull-wing door"He tells us smiling pilot workshop and development of AMG and adds: "But as expanded the inlet to the SLS, we can now make faster change."

The pilot sits in a relaxed position on a box carbon fiber with foam seat. Not only the pedals, but also the steering wheel can be adjusted lengthwise widely. In the latter not only it is always "short" (Pun intended) the GT series, but also many other road cars.

Mercedes-AMG GT GT3Step on the clutch pedal and pull lever right changes: a metallic crack, the sequential gearbox racing, located on the rear axle according to the principle of "transaxel"Engages first gear. Then the racing clutch does not act with brutality, but reacts even relatively late for a race car, allowing easier control. The GT comes trotting down pit road. Concert 8-cylinder now join mechanical noise transmission, but the engine terrific storm almost completely dominates their usual race car acoustics.

Mercedes-AMG GT GT3: we move

On lap aboard recognition Mercedes-AMG GT GT3, advantage to heat slicks to optimum temperature of maximum performance. It's time to better understand the pure blood of the "barn" AMG. Unlike the standard version, under the hood GT3 The four-liter V-8 engine and double turbocharger, but atmospheric classic 6.3 liter already trotting therefore roads with no hidden 631 CV, the SLS AMG Black Series, and racetracks in the previous GT, the AMG SLS GT3.

The frequency of maintenance It has been reduced from 14,000 km to the SLS GT3 20,500 km current. This saves money because Just check the engine of the GT3 and costs 30,000 euros, the same as a CLA 180 fresh from the factory.

With the and hot wheels, tread depth: he GT3 pouncing by right output. 550 hp drive weighing approval 1,285 kilos. Thus, the GT3 is not only 360 kilos lighter than his brother GT Road S, but has even lost weight about 50 kilos compared to SLS race car.

Mercedes-AMG GT GT3Green, yellow, red ... The display lights titilan nervous behind the wheel while atmospheric eight cylinder moves forward to its maximum power at around 7500 rpm. Third, fourth, fifth gear, braking hard against the first corner and down gears.

Previously, Thomas Jäger had adjusted the ABS system to the level 7 with yellow wheel center console. "Usually there are ten different levels of ABS. For the North Ring, with many undulations in which the pedal can get tough, we have introduced an extra level", He told us. Now, when braking hard, they light up briefly two blue lights on the sides of the screen. "When the front wheels lock, light blue lights; when they do the rear wheels, light roses. This helps you stay within the control range because it is not always possible to notice the pedal when it is sliding"Informs us team driver after our test.

The blue thumbwheel next to the adjustment ABS It is in a ten position. Serves to regulate the traction control, now set mode "no break-anything-you-sir-journalist". For practical purposes, this means that if one is passed stepping on the accelerator, the control system is responsible for the relatively quick stop him feet and gently, giving him one background hum. So even beginners have to fear sudden reactions.

It's amazing how fast you take one confidence GT3. With a weight distribution of 49: 51, well balanced racing version of the GT is relatively easy to drive. "The front axle responds even better. Thus, the GT is allowed to drive rather more accurately than the SLS. That had a little heavy front axle, and it showed more weight", Jäger explains. However, in the narrow curves, the GT3 today tends to a slight understeer. "Do not they have adjusted well to the journalist?" Smile specialist confirms that the GT3 rarely behaves in such a conservative way in the real races.

Mercedes-AMG GT GT3. Data sheet


Eight-cylinder engine in V, 6208 cm³ displacement. Approximate power: 404 kW (550 hp). Maximum torque: 66.3 mkg.


Coupe car. Dimensions: 1238 x 4746 x 2049 mm, Battle: 2625 mm, weight of approval: 1285 kg.


individual suspension in the wheel parallelogram deformable in two trains, coil springs, shock absorbers, front and rear stabilizer, brake discs with cooling inside front (390 mm) and rear (360 mm), 315/680 R 18 tires front, rear 325/705 R 18.


rear-wheel drive, sequential gearbox with six gears.


0-100 km / h: approx. 3.0 s

Starting price

Mercedes-AMG GT3: 442. 680 euros