Volkswagen Golf 1.6 16V Highline 5p

Volkswagen Golf 1.6 16V Highline 5pVolkswagen Golf 1.6 16V Highline 5pVolkswagen Golf 1.6 16V Highline 5pVolkswagen Golf 1.6 16V Highline 5p

After 25 years in the market and a leading position in the industry, the Volkswagen Golf begins to need a profound change that will restore its sporty character of yesteryear has begun to lose by age and "kilos" more. Of course, in this case it is clear that the years do not go in vain and, though who had retained the German group should not "rest on its laurels" and has to give a strong boost to this model to place it in the place he has held ever.

The exterior of this Golf is already an old acquaintance, his line and the different elements that are very characteristic looks not only model but the entire Volkswagen family. Cutting the headlights, the small size of the mirror on the right, the wheel arches and sharp bumpers are just some of the elements that make us distinguish a Golf from afar.

Austere, but good quality
Like its image, its interior keeps the line of the Group. The finishes are excellent materials have good quality and control layout is practical and clear. Overall, the impression you just take a look at the panel is that it is something done; In fact, the entire interior conveys that sense of quality. However, (not everything can be good) you miss some design and found a freckle austere interior.

On the dashboard, the driver is everything the first time and has excellent visibility of all data. The instrument panel is simple and easy to read and access controls requires neither exaggerated movements or changes in posture is more, the disposition of all of them is so clear that the view does not have to pull off the road to manipulate them.

As for the driving position, it is very easy to get, thanks to the double steering wheel adjustment (depth and height) and good design of the seats (which can also accommodate vertical and horizontal). The driver is well reflected in these seats, so you can tackle without fear of excessive movement of your body any tacking roads. The overstuffed seating is somewhat hard, but does not become uncomfortable.

The rear seats are comfortable but three places referred to the manufacturer are virtual rather, as with most models of this segment. Two travelers go well, but three, unless they are children, may be something short of space. However, the design of the windows, with a large surface, gives the interior of the Golf feeling of spaciousness.

As for the boot, 345 liters have been obtained in our measurements are just for luggage of four people. Of course, if we want legroom for passengers in the cabin, must be removed from somewhere.