Opel Astra 1.6 CDTI new: less than 4 l / 100 km and with OnStar system

Opel Astra CDTi Diesel 136 hpOpel Astra CDTi Diesel 136 hpOpel Astra CDTi Diesel 136 hpOpel Astra CDTi Diesel 136 hp

Forget the previous Astra, are only some screws of its predecessor. Forget the feeling of heaviness, because New Opel Astra weighs less than the small Opel Mokka. Forget everything you have in mind, because unlike most cars, new Opel Astra is even shorter the model it replaces, even for five centimeters. Yes you can say you know the Diesel engine, the modern 1.6 CDTI 136 horses've seen in several models of Opel, for which they have only been two years since his debut, so it can be said to remain again when Start sale in mid-October.

Efficient design in the Opel Astra

His spokesmen say that the Astra is the first installment in the series of fundamental ideas to submit that Opel Monza concept, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. With it, the Opel chief designer, Mark Adams, closing a complete renovation the Opel range, to return now to reinvent itself. Opel Monza 2013With the Monza inspiration, the Astra has a lower and profiled body, almost coupé, but with five doors. In 2016 family will body Sports Tourer which it has been at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, while the Opel Astra GTC now continue his career for a couple of years. From there he will give his a relay GTC Length, in the same way as the Astra convertible reconverted in Opel Convertible.

Beyond what the eyes see is noteworthy body aerodynamic record with a Cx coming down from 0.32 to 0.285 of the previous Astra. The structure has been lightened by the use of a 75 percent of high strength steels, but while in state 3 degrees have increased viewing angle forward driver, the windscreen pillar remains bulky. In its favor, despite reducing by 21 percent the weight of the structure, it is much more rigid, which It reduces noise, vibration and allows suspensions work more accurately. These are helped because they lose about 50 kilos.

Opel Monza efficiency had to be inspiring flag and the Opel Astra, light and aerodynamic, with a new engine, it succeeds. Homologated in the 136 hp version that could drive 3,9 l / 100km average, with a rotund 3,5 l / 100km highway. With special tires with low rolling resistance low one and two tenths these records, which is planted in a remarkable 99 g / km of CO2. Later we shall try this same engine without stop-start and limited power to 110 horses, capable of lowering consumption to 3.6 l / 100km and average CO2 at 95 g / km.

Interestingly, not about values ​​window, but the car is able to move freely in sixth, without resorting to changing constantly. On the contrary, it is a extreme finesse and can let roll to just over 1,000 rpm without complaint. The maximum power achieved at 4000 rpm, the red zone is at 5,000 rpm, but better not try to approach, because it dies long before, at least in our unit with little shooting. The maximum torque is achieved at 2000 rpm for traditional diesel, with a maximum value of 320 Nm (32.6 mkg), significant for displacement and a single turbo. Silence presides over the march highway, feeling an enormous insulation work, including the care put into the bulky mirrors, which are then not as generous as their housings. No, the visibility is not the best attribute Astra.

High comfort in the Opel Astra

Instead, comfort is high. Not to be confused with the car fleet but with comfort to European, dispel all obstacles on the road without transferring the driver. At least in our test unit, equipped with one of the Various optional seats among which you can choose. They are approved by an association for back care (AGR certification) and in this case, Exhausting of cushion and support that reveal very effective, at least autumn weather. Ventilation seats AstraOpel says that This ventilation is a first in the category of compact, as well as the possibility of a massage function. 8 adjustment possibilities, including the width of the sidewalk or heating of the rear seats, Opel wants to take heart in the seats, which has scratched 10 kilos of weight and confess that you are the most expensive components of the car. The first choice of seats "special" starts at 500 euros.

Regardless of lightness, suspensions themselves have much to say in the ride comfort getting the Opel Astra, the rough roads of the Carpathian Mountains where we could test the car for the first time swallows. Here comes up another virtue, which is how digests in the potholes and speed bumps once, without breaking the trajectory support and therefore without forcing corrections. More powerful versions of Astra, this CDTI 136 horses and 1.4T 150 horsepower gasoline, continue to use a rear twist-beam axle supported with a Watt to hold better laterally said train. After to get behind the wheel of the less powerful variant of the Astra, without this mechanism, we must recognize that their presence is noticed as soon as the firm becomes uneven.

Steering is light, linear and accurate. HE premiered in the electric power steering in this segment, but do not notice anything strange, but maybe if you dont like to drive agradecerías to be more direct. It also incorporates special features to make life easier for the driver, as "shake compensation road" (SRS) or "drift compensation" (DPC), which may be responsible for our car had a certain fondness right ... We will return in more detail in a further test.

The driver is now all much hand, because they have broken up the buttons on the center console to group functions now. Result faster and easier handling, without abandoning the principle of a button for each function, when this is important. They have also been streamlined and improved lever beside the steering wheel. Menu functions onboard computer that activated by turning one of the levers, have passed the steering wheel buttons, simple and ergonomic.

The rear seats are spacious but are missing output proper ventilation for these passengers. The descending shape of the bodywork access requires lower his head than before and take your foot out of the car is not as loose as some rivals. The trunk is very cubic, but with 370 liters its approved is in a middle category, logical having cut centimeters body.

OnStar comes to Europe

The Connectivity was the third pillar Opel Monza concept and the Astra does not neglect this aspect. Offers two systems connectivity, with or without onboard browser, chooses as the system IntelliLink 4.0 -General Motors system owner or the Navi 900. The latter features touch screen 8-inch (instead of 7 Intellilink) and for the moment is only compatible with carplay, Apple's system; Android will arrive in 2016, they say.

Most notable is the presence of OnStar, the call to a support center touch button, which allows downloading destinations from the browser, remote diagnostics vehicle anti-theft feature that prevents restart or communication with the mobile application AppOnStar. onstar wifiWith it you can operate the door locks from your phone, turn on lights and horn, etc. Most notable will be when it begins to be offered with OnStar one 4G wireless access point for up to seven devices, which in principle come to Spain in 2016. OnStar price will be 500 euros, with an annual subscription around one hundred euros, although the third and fourth levels of equipment (Dynamic and Excellence) will offer it as standard.

Culmination of connectivity, the Opel Astra premiere lighting equipment by matrix ledes called Intellilux, a long automatic antiglare, able to modify the beam shape in real time according to traffic and traffic conditions light. A revolution in the segment and premium brands present only in higher segments.

He New Opel Astra will begin shipping in Spain in mid-October. The range is also to include this Diesel (1. 6 CDTI 136 HP) version the aforementioned 110 hp. Gasoline supply is wider, starting with 3 cylinder 1.0 Ecotec Turbo 115PS and two motors 1.4T or 150 hp 125 hp. This 1.6 CDTI automatic six-speed gearbox is offered, while gasoline automatic transmission is offered only in the 1.0 Turbo, the third generation Easytronic by robotización manual gearbox.

Prices Opel Astra


Power / change

Price from)

Astra 1.0 Turbo S / S

5V 105 hp

18,800 €

Astra 1.0 Turbo S / S

105 CV aut.

20,600 €

Astra 1.4 Turbo S / S

125 hp 6V

20,400 €

Opel Astra 1.6 CDTi

110 hp 6V

21,200 €

Astra 1.4 Turbo S / S

150 hp 6V

22,400 €

Opel Astra 1.6 CDTi

110 hp 6V

22,700 €

Astra 1.6 CDTi S / S

136 hp 6V

23,300 €

Opel Astra 1.6 CDTi

136 CV aut.

25,200 €