Test: Mini Cooper D 5 doors, wise decision

Test: Mini Cooper D 5 doors, wise decisionTest: Mini Cooper D 5 doors, wise decisionTest: Mini Cooper D 5 doors, wise decisionTest: Mini Cooper D 5 doors, wise decision

Passion and reason few times go hand in hand in the automotive world. Since the BMW Mini appeared in 2001 -yes, it's been 13 years, its success has been unstoppable. And the truth is that it is a "strange phenomenon" because, if we take as reference the best-selling body, is not a practical car (small trunk, narrow rear seats and inaccessible ...), and very comfortable (for firmness suspensions) or functional (plenty of buttons scattered around the passenger compartment), nor cheap ...

But instead, love at first sight, interior design also like the feel of driving hooks, the customization possibilities are enormous ...

Now, with five doors, earn more than what may seem, as the extra trunk space and second row is very interesting, and using it is infinitely more comfortable ... but only for four passengers, as not understood a fifth made compliant with the remaining gap.


Mini 5 doorBefore accessing the interior, attention-grabbing new doors that shape this new Mini. Although the car grows 16 cm, only just over 7 correspond to the wheelbase, the body area where the new accesses are implanted. To change this and obviously the size of the front door, which only measures 103 cm, compared with 126 of the three-door Mini. The new rear door is only 80 cm in width, but leaves a good hole for accessing the interior -of 65 cm on the outside 50 cm in area Interior- with a vented opening angle in or out comfortably in the second row.

Once inside, the hollow leg is 7 cm wider than the Mini 3p and feet are placed without problems arising in his brother range. Needless to ceiling height, but four adults can travel with a good degree of comfort. Four, not five. It is true that the car is approved for a passenger fifth, but in this theoretical plaza, incomprehensibly, not even a child would. The rear width dimension, only the Mini Countryman is a five-seater, but neither neglects certain strictures without three adults are those in the second row.

Another detail is in the rear overhang of this new five-door Mini, growing 9 cm in front of the three-door, hence to observe carefully we notice it has a slightly upturned ass. It is the solution to increase its carrying capacity, as its trunk, as measured by our Technical Center, It offers 65 liters more volume than the Mini 3p, an important car less than 4 m in length difference.

Driving aids

Mini 5 doorThe latest generation of Mini has brought some changes in interior design, highlighting the speedometer output large central area, which he is now devoted "body and soul" to access for all vehicle functions, including connectivity and infotainment. Color display can be 6.5 or 8.8 inches. There are several packages that bring together different systems of driving aids, such as Driving Assistant (1,000 euros) which includes: cruise control based on camera (regulates the distance from the vehicle), detection of traffic signals, brake function City (with notice of people and collision warning) and assistant beam. He Parking Assistant (800), it is a parking aid in battery semiautomatically also includes sensors front and rear distance. Another novelty is the Head Up Display, which is linked to the browser Professional, a partner at Wired package (2,200 euros) and also integrates device: access and internet terminal Apple, multifunction steering wheel, entertainment server 20Gb, Bluetooth, armrest folding front with compartment and cruise control with braking function.

Enjoy the wheel

We have already spoken on other occasions the power of small three-cylinder engine mounts this Cooper D, pushes forward from 1200 rpm in any gear, demonstrating a brilliant resilience, even in this Mini 5p has come to scale a 65 kg more than the 3p. In addition, vibrations are almost imperceptible on steering wheel, pedals and shift knob, highlighting the isolation level mechanics. Alone Stop system&Start should be refined more in times of re-boot. Consumption is also a virtue, with a real average of 4.7 l / 100 km.

The Mini 5p maintains the vividness of reactions that fans appreciate the drivers, with an insinuating rear axle and an incisive direction, but the biggest battle of this body reinforces the poise and It brings something more progressive in their behavior. Of course, the firm suspension and optional wheels 17 '', read every millimeter of asphalt, which penalizes comfort.

A la carte equipment ...

Mini 5 doorThe standard equipment on the Mini range meets minimum of those outside elements such as fog lamps, Bluetooth connectivity, rain sensors and lights, multifunction steering wheel ... although the Pepper Pack (400 euros) groups most. In addition, one of the attractions for Mini buyers are customization possibilities and, this way, for all the details you have to throw portfolio. Some examples: Cases chrome exterior mirrors (90 euros), flashing white (80), exterior chrome line (150), white or black lines on the hood (110), interior wood trim or matte porcelain white appearance or Piano Black or Dark Silver (between 170 and 300 euros), upholstery in different types of leather (from 950 to 2,000 euros) ... If instead of wheels 15 '' prefer a standard 16 '', disbursement Extra will be 650 euros, and if you opt for the black Cosmos Spoke 17 '' riding our test unit with 205/45 tires, the bill raises 1,300 euros. Everything will depend on how far you want to go.


We know that the Mini like so many women -mayoría people because enters the eye, for that uniqueness that offers both outside and inside and very customizable style. -more also love to men by "feeling" that transmits its driving, even on less powerful versions like the Cooper D. And the good thing is that in this new 5-door body adds more luggage and ease of use of the second row, although it only supports two passengers; the third is fiction.