Test: S3 Sportback S Tronic Audi, guided missile

Test: S3 Sportback S Tronic AudiTest: S3 Sportback S Tronic AudiTest: S3 Sportback S Tronic AudiTest: S3 Sportback S Tronic Audi

There are two kinds of sports: that you'll require driving with an iron hand and that, as always Audi S3, are led instead with kid gloves. "Simple and very fast, the S3 forgiving almost everything. Nor his powerful new turbo engine puts embarrass the frame, and neither is noisy or strident or uncomfortable. " The description, curiously, is not new. Is 1999, when tested in FREEWAY he First Audi S3, who remember as yellow, for his 1.8 20VT engine (First with 210 hp, then 225) and the wheel drive by Haldex taken the Audi TT. As I was.

Today, 15 years later, I can however continue to use it even more emphatically point by point. And the new Audi S3 is conducted today even easier ... but with 90 hp more power, almost 100 kg of overweight and being up to 40 percent faster. What efficiency! ... although we speak, too, a sports maybe more bland and less nerve. It is true that, between them, was another former Audi S3, but even him and his engine and 265 hp 2.0 TFSI, today sweeps them this new generation in pure performance and effectiveness. Today, Audi S3 This could almost be mistaken even with a RS3... if it was not because he is already on his way to the end of the year, presumably with 5-cylinder turbo with around 360 hp. And he will overcome again all records.


¿Rocket or missile?

Meanwhile, it is the Audi S3 which time taking the witness A3 Racing Santander, and does so as always discreetly (I still remember those who only saw a classic family at the legendary Audi RS2) and understanding sportsmanship always under a prism of safety and efficacy: The one that moves away from that kind of sport that is leading BMW and defined as rockets (well more fun thrown reach their goal, but they are difficult to control by inexpert hands), bringing you here instead to guided missile, very precise guiding and suitable for all common sense conductor.

And is that in the new Audi S3 you forget almost dosing and measuring gas. And nothing less today than for three reasons: engine, chassis and traction; elements over renewing this time completely. The first takes me so directly to the heart ... and as a crush since I pluck. The new Audi S3 still riding the 2.0 TFSI, but it is another. Up to 300 hp (Beating all GTi of bluebells to press and more radical Mercedes AMG or future BMW M and Audi RS), And has a larger turbo, full variable valve timing, reduced compression ratio and, above all, and double (direct for starting and high loads, and indirectly for partial load) injection.

The result in the Audi S3 is a powerful, refined and very, very useable motor. Long gone the remarkable effect of that 20VT turbo, 2.0 TFSI is all this escalation, serves me just to go shopping without going from 2,000 rpm to mark time stretching my favorite mountain port. Une 1,000 rpm and start with cutting almost 7,400 without fail or act hastily, although high rate charge and the change in position 2 in the exhaust valves always remember me I'm not in a Audi A3 anyone. And like most there. The rest does the speedometer, because almost equal to the current BMW M135i xDrive 320 hp, or previous Audi RS3 340 hp, tells you to go very, very fast.


Not to mention the addition of 1.5 seconds, for example, puts the Audi S3 today the Opel Astra OPC 280 hp. Next to automatic S Tronic (6 gears and which, incidentally, we liked more than 7 Audi TT RS Plus), the Audi S3 is a plane ... also can plan today. And it is also already Launch Control function to go out like lightning in acceleration, the new Audi S3 you can drive a candle if loose gas mode Efficiency: To climb a port background and "laze" on the downhill with the engine off ... if you put value, of course, because forbidden to touch clutch or brake: it is then deactivated. Almost better use this mode to llanear with consumption also very, very tight: half will mark about 7.5 l / 100 km, up to 15 percent less than any of its rivals. It will not be clear clamping frame ...

Neither moves

Entering and the chassis, also new Audi S3. And based on the new MQB platform VW Group, is today 60 kg lighter the previous sum and suspended aluminum, flap or hood. In addition, VA 25 more millimeters lower than any other Audi A3, and it includes springs, dampers and stiffer bushings specific. And the result, here, is also a superb sports. Is firm suspension, but not dry, so there cushioning quality (especially with the optional variable hardness) to feel always a very subject body and which never picks, but both a comfort feeling difficult march in sport and its power.


so enormous poise and stability in roads and fast corners Audi S3, a real locomotive, but also superb for its unperturbed grip on the support bound and closed. And is that, in addition to a new and more accurate electric steering zipper asymmetrical toothing variable pitch (Similar to the parametric Mercedes, less sensitive straight and faster in turns), the new Audi S3 comes first and foremost at stake revised quattro.

More comprehensive than ever (Works by anticipation that correction slip), the new quattro Audi S3 opens new central electronic control multiplate hydraulically operated, starting already at the start of a 50/50 torque distribution between trains. so hampered by both online (very strong addition and high resistance to fatigue), precise blow wheel, stable trajectory throughout the curve and foot depth without suspicion: the S3 allows you to "laze" curve to curve, draining braking and lateral grip looking all that much, to blow gas. Neither is out of the drawn by fast you go slowly you do well, it does not move ... as much as ESP Sport mode release it more. The new Audi S3 is therefore very fast ... but also a boring supercar? Well, maybe will offer 300 hp less exciting Today's category, but virtually no car I assure you that will run both. And, yes, I propónmelo on a foggy day or rain: I do not'll change.