Contact: Kia Carens, exponential progress

Kia Carens, exponential progressKia Carens, exponential progressKia Carens, exponential progressKia Carens, exponential progress

More compact than the model it replaces, the new Carens shows modern and attractive image, radically different from what we were used to seeing in recent years. Although it is slightly shorter the minivan of the previous edition, has a wheelbase five centimeters higher, allowing expand the capacity of the luggage compartment and space for occupants of the squares of the second and third row-if we choose two additional places, with an extra 700 euros.

Contact: Kia Carens, exponential progressThinking versatility, It has designed a functional interior, riddled with holes to deposit objects and the the second sliding seats in row 30 cm to vary the capacity or inner boot. The inside width it is somewhat fair three adult occupants, since the central square is somewhat narrower. To solve this problem, you can move a few centimeters forward or backward with the intention that the shoulders of the occupants remain abutted to travel more comfortably.

In any case, the boot capacity is 536 liters in the five-seater versions of 492 liters in seven with the two seats in the third row folded, or 103 liters if you are traveling with seven seats deployed. The last two places are only practicable for children or small size travelers, as well as being somewhat narrower, they do not offer much legroom.

Gasoline and Diesel

Contact: Kia Carens, exponential progressThe range to be sold in Spain, from the end of April, It includes a petrol version 1.6 GDI 135 hp, while it not expected to reach 166 hp 2.0 to our market. Those that arrive and be the center of the range will be equipped with two possibilities Diesel engine 1.7 CRDi, in their variants 115 or 136 hp power, initially equipped with Manual gearbox with six gears. A little later, the 136 hp version will have a six-speed automatic transmission with torque converter.

It is underway comfortable, with some soft suspensions moron, While holding the body in curves, and fairly accurate address, with the possibility of regulating the level of assistance three different levels'Normal', 'Comfort' and 'Sport'. Regarding the Diesel engine, 136 hp variant seems the most advisable by model philosophy, since although it has a particularly bulky and voluminous body, it is an specially designed for traveling load model comfortably. The answer is good from very low revs and displayed stronger to overcome 2,000rpm. Meanwhile, there is not much difference in consumption between the two options Diesel with 0.2 l / 100 km for the more powerful, which is not very significant in order to maintain.

He equipment It is one of the areas where the brand has lent special attention, including aspects related to safety and comfort. Depending on the trim level, Concept, Drive and Emotion, It may have elements such as system notice of involuntary change lanes, headlights xenon, rear view camera, automatic dual zone climate control, panoramic ceiling glass, autonomous parking system, starting system with smart key, touch screen navigation up to seven inches, etc.

Maximum internal capacity

Contact: Kia Carens, exponential progressOne aspect where more has affected the brand to improve versatility has been in possibilities of adapting the interior to the needs of customers. Thus, in addition to offering scrollable seats 30 cm, it has folding front passenger backrest, It is providing a load length to 2150 mm. Also include the dimensions of the trunk, with a width of 1109 mm and a height of 766 mm to the ceiling. Apart from the refrigerated glove box, They are arranged holes in door panels, under the floor of the second-row seat, or under the trunk, which stays the curtain if necessary.