Comparison: Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 e-HDi vs Renault Megane Sport Tourer 1.6 dCi and VW Golf Variant 1.6 TDi

Comparison: Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 e-HDi vs Renault Megane Sport Tourer 1.6 dCi and VW Golf Variant 1.6 TDiComparison: Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 e-HDi vs Renault Megane Sport Tourer 1.6 dCi and VW Golf Variant 1.6 TDiComparison: Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 e-HDi vs Renault Megane Sport Tourer 1.6 dCi and VW Golf Variant 1.6 TDiComparison: Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 e-HDi vs Renault Megane Sport Tourer 1.6 dCi and VW Golf Variant 1.6 TDi

It may not be as usual, but start talking about them from back to front. Because in reality, in their trunks hides the raison d'etre of such bodies, so first stop: size does not matter. Compact involves head, calculator: It is that category where reigns the balance between dimensions, space, utility and price -and many more variables that are not interested now speak, but familiar format, this category simply curl curl: VW Passat, Peugeot 508 and Renault Laguna, in their body "wagon", and about thirty centimeters more in length, do not offer a liter of practicality in their areas of cargo cars tested here. But his other charge higher capacity, representation -and theoretically degrees of refinement, safety and equipment eldest, at a rate of 2,700 euros in Laguna and about 5,000 euros in the other two equal power - Laguna, covers 130 hp 2.0 liters or block motor.

Any better than the saloons?

Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 e-HDi vs Renault Megane Sport Tourer 1.6 dCi and VW Golf Variant 1.6 TDiIt's money ... and difficult to justify, more now than ever this new generation of compact ground has eaten him saloons which they are starting to accuse, not only over time but conventionalism and boredom that prevails in many of them. But we move forward. Half a cubic meter are many liters tow, also separating the limit figure that They are not as good when lumps throw up -Opel Astra Sports Tourer, Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hyundai i30 CW or from only 420 to 465 liters- of which seem to have staked everything on the variable load -Honda Civic Tourer and Octavia Combi, with more than 600 liters, at the expense also designs that not all like alike. More than well served, therefore, our three protagonists, with negligible differences in what they can carry, but not how.

Peugeot 308 SWNarrowly, Mégane has the lowest loading platform the 308 is ten centimeters closer to the ground than the Golf, all with giant manholes in which to get through it without unmounting a bike. But then nuances: 308 coddle Golf and attention to detail in every corner of their cars, and here, as before, it is also noted. Provide an additional handle to folding the seats from the boot against the usual seatback which also has the preservatives that only the Mégane. One click, and floor seating sections, in the 308 with a light and rapid movement of stool to leave a huge completely flat surface load to 181 cm to the front seatbacks in our reference position. also joins rails at the base with four mobile hooks and, beneath it, a huge distributor. Giant forms and this new Peugeot already forgot the third row of seats before for that there are other older brothers.

Mégane has no shortage liters, but its folding system is more "rudimentary": if you want to leave a fairly flat surface have to lift hand, and with some effort, the base of the rear seats to pivot it and put upright; then it is when you can download the backups. More steps, less load length and a clear division in the floor area between the trunk and passenger compartment.

Renault Megane Sport TourerWhile golf is based on the same platform as the 3/5 doors, Mégane separates its wheels 6 cm and 308 in no less than 11 cm, detail that regardless of what may lead to poise on the road and habitability and separation body seats 308 contributes to a more balanced, without much tailswing stamp. Peugeot restates the fully SW 308 from front to back because unlike the usual transformation only from the central pillar, front seats also repositions greater travel -6 cm more- and obviously more extra space in the rear -of 4 cm legroom promised in respect to the five-door we have "found" Cm- 2 in abundant in all its dimensions amplitude. Next to its 136 cm width is thus one of the most habitable cars category. And all for 600 euros more equal finish and engine as the 308 5-door, half in the case of the Golf, which, incidentally, none of its interior dimensions deserves criticism. 1,900 euros is the difference between body saloon and Sports Tourer in Renault, where its width is back which will set limits should occupy all places, especially when neither he nor his two rivals waged a generous tunnel transmission, although in the Mégane extension of the center console with their respective air outlets is less prominent than in the other cars.


VW Golf VariantHave a good block 1.5-liter 110 hp for the Mégane, although we have decided to unify comparison to blocks 1.6: 105 to 130 hp, an important difference in power performance classification divides into two: Peugeot and Golf and by far Mégane. Renault engine supersoft continues to combine in its Mégane with short gear ratios that further emphasize the mechanical response, but also bring to light which probably is the only weakness of this engine: the transition from low very low to medium engine speeds, appreciate, rather than a lack of elasticity, an effect of overfeeding too marked. Great acceleration and, more than that, his Speedier overtaking exercises make the Mégane not cost you the least tread lightly tapping gas, that addresses more readily kilos and kilos load or difficult terrain. There are also certain balance "sports" -in short between chassis and engine we enter into details that make it more desirable for those who like to drive fast no longer, but have option, a thread more "mechanic" and direct between car and asphalt. any Stop&Start slow and will seem fine after testing the wearing e-HDi Peugeot. The perfect partner for this engine, the lighter body category -more than the difference in kilos compared to its rivals, merit is being able to lose and 1,400 kg with these dimensions-. But long developments are moving the HDi and, more than that, excessive jumping between some of their marches, especially the fourth to Quinta- what force you to get involved a little more on driving and use the change more frequency. From there, it is his refined and consistent lap up, its elasticity and ability not only to gain speed from long marches, but to maintain speed with very low engine turns. The high quality achieved in the Peugeot 308 is evident also in the low noise level or the minimum level of vibrations, remarkable also in the Mégane by which seem to spend years-its renovation was just a facelift - although the Golf continues to impose his law you can understand you with the tour even if you talk whispering.

As I told you, Mégane provides the most dynamic set you quickly identify for stronger damping supports with less roll than the other two cars and even some involvement of the rear train, but comfort does not support strikeout. Rolling impeccable quality. But comfort and greater extent, in refinement, their other two rivals are on another level. Golf is "pure cotton" even if subsequent train receives less flexible than the five-door version morons. It is the balancing and sinks in support or braking, but still offers an easy, safe and quality driving. While, Peugeot 308 SW, probably its wide support base not just battle, but also vías-, category seems even scale compared to the five-door poise and consistency offered in any situation, but without losing any of that agile handling and nice offering the compact version.

In a nutshell

Acceleration: Horses kilos ... and then some. Logical first place for the most powerful Mégane. Golf approaches the DSG and closed relationships only to be as fast as the Peugeot 308 e-HDi SW / 115.

Frenada: The Mégane, the most peculiar touch: in a few millimeters pedal pads "bite" literally discs.

Sonority: Comfort and quality. In those little details that do not always see, but feel, VW always stands out: on board, quieter and better insulated the interior.

Overtaking. decisive seconds. The DSG makes the 1.6 TDI / 105 never leave you hanging. very consistent push in the Mégane by balance between power and short exchange developments.

Power and torque. In the middle is the virtud.Como engine, isolated from other elements, the 1.6 e-HDi is the most balanced: in front of the Golf, much more punch; against Mégane, higher elasticity. On each car, things change and the differences between the TDi and HDi narrow. The dCi, sportier, but beware of their low if you're not in the right gear.

Consumption. Excelling. minimal differences with excellent values ​​for the three Skoda Octavia Combi only 1.6 TDi has been able to improve.

Weight. Peugeot Lion rocoge witness ST, the lightest so far; It is the only one of its family lowering of the barrier of 1400 kg,