Ford Focus RS vs Seat Leon Cupra 300: Which is better?

Duel sport compact: Ford Focus RS vs Seat Leon CupraDuel sport compact: Ford Focus RS vs Seat Leon CupraDuel sport compact: Ford Focus RS vs Seat Leon CupraDuel sport compact: Ford Focus RS vs Seat Leon Cupra

As if one of those epic clashes Ali Foreman, or Pacquiao against Mayweather, Ford Focus RS Y Seat Leon Cupra lead facing the throne between the super-GTI in each of their respective renewals. Both are two of the cars in its segment media and represent the summum in terms of sportsmanship among compact, a step above myths as the VW Golf GTI in power level.

And each of them has his own personality. Thus, the Ford Focus RS result lusher, muscular and radical; more extrovert in their sportsmanship; In short, with a point of exaggeration in their paragolpes, side pillars and rear aerodynamic extractor... and that he has lost gill riding on the hood in previous installments. His image reminds those fighters big punch; such that the slightest careless opponents can make a difference and with a single movement knock his opponent to listen to the count of ten on the floor.

BENEFITSFord Focus RS 350Seat Leon Cupra 300
Acel. 0-100 km / h4.87 s6.19 s
Acel. 0-1000 meters24.45 s25.02 s
Loudness 100 km / h69.9 dBA67.4 dBA
Loudness 120 km / h71.6 dBA69.5 dBA
Braking from 120 km / h52.3 m52.4 m
Weight scale1,575 kg1,395 kg

He Seat Leon Cupra, instead, It is more discreet and subtle with details such as sports bumpers which identify it seems that does not flaunt it. Would play the role of stylist, lighter and more precise in his movements, but enough to gamble in the melee power and with such precision that makes the difficult easy. It is able to get in and out of striking distance until exhausting his strongest rival.

Ford Focus RS and Seat León Cupra: circuit or section

Given its ability to thrill, is not easy to stay calm and analyze these two thoroughbreds based on frational actors such as price, equipment or interior space available especially for the occupants of the seats and traseras- trunk, favorable both to Lion despite having a more compact body. As well Seat is somewhat more refined, with loudness lower from idle and a suspension of varying firmness that will better suit the relaxed driving situations.

Ford Focus RS and Seat León CupraHowever, where they show their unique character is when you enjoy your spectacular mechanical power, that puts a prestacional next level Porsche 911 just a decade ago. Thus, the Seat Leon Cupra impresses with its forcefulness, with a truly spectacular acceleration, since it is capable of approaching 25 seconds to travel the first 1000 meters something only available to a few elect-. However, pales before Focus RS, what It accelerates like a real missile and leads his rival by almost a second to complete the first kilometer. It really devastating! This would not be possible without two key elements: electronic driving aids, that carry power to rational terms, and Four-wheel drive, which helps to transmit to the ground these brutal 350 hp and "domesticate" the beast, making it less demanding, more accessible to a greater number of fans than previous generations faced demanding that front differential lock.

CONSUMPTIONFord Focus RS 350Seat Leon Cupra 300
Consumption city10.4 l / 100 km8.3 l / 100 km
Consumption Highway8,1 l / 100 km6.8 l / 100km
average consumption9.2 l / 100 km7.6 l / 100 km

Now, to sit behind the wheel of Ford Focus RS there is to be an accomplished expert in sports driving. Nevertheless, still more demanding than the Seat León Cupra, as it is shown more agile and responsive to mass transfers, produced by the driver voluntarily or accidentally some small conduction failure. So, it shows more easily to move under braking to support, to slide in the event of abrupt changes of support and feinting with oversteer on corner exits, so it requires a steady hand and balance with the gas to maintain control when you're trying to set a time on a timed lap. Further, the Ford Focus RS hides a final effect: he Drift mode mode selector driving that he becomes "de facto" in a rear-wheel drive and would recreate causing grandstanding skids based modular right pedal.

Ford Focus RS and Seat León Cupra 300For his part, Seat Leon Cupra responds to this demonstration power efficiency and with surprising ease of driving insulting, even in the two-wheel drive version we tested, 4,600 euros cheaper than all-wheel drive. Pushes the boundaries further and can approach them without any hint of concern that the vision of the speedometer, it will tell us how incredibly fast that we will always accurately, poise and ease to change direction at the slightest hint of wheel. It is true that the slower areas Seat It may seem less rapidly than Ford, but no more than a visual impression because, as we have seen in our test circuit in the INTA circuit, that feeling is not endorsed by stopwatch measurements. And the Lion takes an excellent match to the front electronic differential and does not waste one iota of strength in anything other than move forward. The brakes, meanwhile, they are impressive, as the Lion equal the impressive stopping distances RS, although they do a touch softer pedal, a point perhaps less dispensable when used thoroughly in a circuit, but more comfortable in everyday use for its less hard touch.

SPACEFord Focus RS 350Seat Leon Cupra 300
front width141 cm142 cm
rear width142 cm135 cm
front height98 cm94/100 cm
rear height93 cm95 cm
Legroom71 cm75 cm
Trunk305 liters390 liters

Ford Focus RS vs Seat Leon Cupra: daily

Forgotten moments of maximum excitation search impossible accelerations or explore our capabilities in some secluded mountain road, the everyday appears, which usually perform surrounded by fixed and mobile radars section and menacing helicopters. One day after day in which we value things like sound that reaches the passenger compartment, easy to hold a conversation with other passengers, comfort equipment, the electronic driving or connectivity support, aspects in which the Seat is consolidating an advantage that although it is small in each assessment, just making a difference in the bottom line. To top it off, his engine 2.0 It is somewhat more refined and economical than Focus 2.3, although both offer a forcefulness and staggering escalation.

His aesthetic discretion also will allow the Seat Leon Cupra spend more unnoticed at daily traffic or even when park on any street if we favor not call so much attention. In the other corner of the ring, the Focus RS exhibits a full muscle character "extrovert" to the delight of those who want to also enjoy a very sporty compact, but also choose to have an image that displays more clear that power and valuing greater exclusivity without you caring pay a much higher price.